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I am looking for a food sealer a step up from your basic FoodSaver found at Target or Walmart. I usually take 2 deer each year and make sausage, ring bologna and snack sticks. I'd also like to start finding deals on bulk items and storing them away in my deep freezer. I usually borrow a Sears food sealer from my in-laws but want my own.

Cabela's has some really expensive commercial vacuum sealers by Weston but they just came out with a Preservac Deluxe for $179 on sale this week for $159 plus $5 shipping. I also have a coupon for $20 off a purchase over $150 possibly making the sealer $159 plus shipping. That seems like a pretty good deal.

Has anyone tried these or the Ary VacMaster from Amazon or Scheels? My Scheels has the VacMaster Pro 130 for $199.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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