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I have my original CCW Glock 23 when I initially began to carry in Florida. I almost sold it off when a guy who works with me told me about this item. There's an NFA version which has a vertical foregrip, spare magazine holder and butstock. Then there's the Micro Roni Stab (or Stabilizer).

It is a hard plastic shell to place a Glock pistol for stability, control. I went ahead and ordered one before Thanksgiving. My buddy got his in two days but it was the wrong version. So he had to send his back.

In the mean time, I didn't realize mine was coming from Tel Aviv Israel. It took about a month.

The system has three rails, a folding Stabilizer and a bolt handle that affixes to the slide of the glock.

Assembly was pretty easy. I attached a Primary Arms Advanced Micro dot onto it and a rail mounted light. From the website, , it was discounted 10% to $329 including shipping. Worst case scenario I'd just sell it or give it away.

I've had a chance to really think about this thing despite posting on other sites.

I shot it today. Ran 200 rounds of WWB. I think my first box was bad as the rounds were all over. I zeroed at 25 yards without a problem but I struggled to zero at 50 yards. So I went back to 25 yards. Again that first box had me all over the place and I was missing a 25 yard gong which is not hard outside of the Roni. I went to box two, rezeroed again and started to shoot the plates. It worked finally.

I tried my best to make it jam. If i held the fore end too firm it wouldn't cycle. So as I let the recoil go, it cycled more consistently.

Recoil wasn't bad. It was actually mitigated fairly well. Cleaning a few FTE was relatively simple. Tap and rack (with the extended handles made it much easier). Never had a stovepipe or double feed. The failures were likely because I tried to prevent the muzzle rise which hindered cycling.

It was a lot of fun to use. It's a tad bulky for EDC or CCW since it's probably 10" long. I'd probably have it for HD. I'll take it out more to see if I can get more comfortable. Next weekend I'll do another 200 rounds and/or sight it out to 50 yards. I also want to try some defensive ammo apart from the FMJ I used today.

I cleaned up the gun and looked at the Micro Roni Stab. Only the bolt handle needed some cleaning.

At first I was convinced I'd do a 16" barrel conversion with my Gen 4 Glock 17, CAA CG-2. But I decided I may do another Micro Roni Stabilizer for it, instead.

The advantage that I see for this is that you can have a Micro Dot like mine, giving a pistol improved shootability,
Control and accuracy for those who are not as adept at pistol shooting. You can also use a light which helps with efficiency in a weapons mounted gun.


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I have been looking at something similar but in an NFA configuration that has the folding stock. Don't think the one I am looking at is the same brand. I hate having to register a pistol like that but.... I like the concept and it would pair well with my G22 duty weapon.

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They have had a lot of good reviews though this version looks a little weird, much prefer the stock version with forward mag holder/grip. Probably see about buying one later in the year.
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