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I am running a group buy on HAIII Maglites over at CPF. I thought I'd offer this to my fellow GT'ers as well. Here are the details.

Mil-Spec Type III Hard Anodize
C and D Size Maglite ONLY Sign-up Thread

OK Folks, it’s time! This is what you have been waiting for, the sign up thread. But first please read the following and ask any questions you have before sending any money. I want this to be as smooth a process as possible with no surprises.

If you have been following the process you know a lot of time and research has gone into making sure the service offered here will be of great quality. I am a perfectionist and am not easily impressed. I can tell you that the coating on the lights I’ve had done look fantastic and I will be proud to have them in my collection. So if you’re even slightly less of a perfectionist than me you will be ecstatic with the result.

The company I have chosen to do the coating has been in business for over 20 years and is a contractor for the U.S. military. They showed me around the facility the other day and I got to see some amazing projectiles they are doing for the Army. They had to be at least 2 inches in diameter! I’d hate to be on the receiving end of one of those!

Anyway, the coating I am offering is a military spec Type III hard coat. The natural color is a very dark gray and can been seen in the pictures above. The finished product is darn near identical to what Surefire has on their lights. So if you like Surefire’s HAIII you’ll be very happy! If you didn’t know these were aftermarket coated you’d probably think it was from the Maglite factory. That is if they offered a mil-spec type III hard coat!

I have noticed something I feel should be mentioned though. This is apparently inherent because of the aluminum’s extrusion process… There are three or four faint dark lines or veins that run with the grain of the aluminum. It’s very slight and not really noticeable unless you’re looking for it. I of course see every flaw, I wish I didn’t but again I’m a perfectionist. You can see this in the pictures of the 2C above. I in no way find this objectionable though. It’s just one of those things we’re gonna have to live with.

Now concerning the contact points... We originally tried to mask them with messy and sloppy masking paint similar to previous runs of HAIII here on CPF. The results were far less than acceptable to me, and I assume would be to you as well. So a different method was decided. All the parts will be entirely coated inside and out. Then my machinist will spin the parts on a lathe and remove the anodize to reveal the bare aluminum. This will insure a very clean line and look. In fact, I believe this will produce as close to a factory look as possible. Again I’m after perfection or a close to it as I can get!

Now for the details…

As mentioned in the feeler thread I will only be offering to do a limited number of pre-owned lights. The logistics of dealing with and waiting for lights to be shipped from multiple members and keeping track of them is just not what I’m in to. However I realize there are those with lights that have custom turnings and this would be the only way for them to get them coated. The custom lights will be much easier to keep track of due to their uniqueness and will be given priority. So I will ask that if possible please go the “New” light route. This is only to reduce the “hassle-factor”. But remember after the “Pre-owned” slots are filled, that’s it. No more will be accepted.

Those of you mailing me your lights please be sure to include a detailed description of any custom work done on each light. Also remove the switch, internal retaining ring, battery spring, lens, reflector and O-rings. The newly anodized Mags will require lubing so you may wan to pick some up if you don't already have any.

So with all that said here is the pricing schedule…

NEW LIGHTS: Unlimited quantity!

2C 42.00
3C 43.00
4C 44.00

2D 45.00
3D 46.00
4D 47.00
5D 48.00
6D 51.00

PRE-OWNED LIGHTS: Limited to a total of 20 lights for this run.

1C 24.00
2C 26.00
3C 27.00
4C 28.00
5C 29.00
6C 30.00

1D 26.00
2D 27.00
3D 28.00
4D 29.00
5D 30.00
6D 31.00

Pricing does not include shipping. Shipping details are based on number of lights. At this point 1 light any size will be $9 and to 2 lights of up to 2D size will be $11 shipped via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. Insurance will be available for an additional fee. For larger lights please PM for quote. It's too hard to give a flat rate for such a wide variety of sizes and be fare to all. For instance 3 6D's will obviously cost more to ship than 3 2C's.

3-7 lights up to 2D will be $14 and each subsequent light add $1. Again for larger lights please contact me.

For orders of 3 lights and more UPS or Fedex will be used.

Shipping methods are not negotiable and is this way to ensure a speedy and orderly delivery.

International shipping will be worked out on a case by case basis.

If you are sending me your lights please PM me and I will send you my address.

As mentioned in the feeler thread this is a pre-pay service. No exceptions.

Paypal with either Cash or CC to: bsteeves at tampabay dot rr dot com

It is necessary to post here with the type and numbers of lights and total cost. Also please remember to list the type and number of lights in the Paypal notes along with your CPF member name. Payment should also be sent at this time. USPS money orders are accepted if they can be mailed and recieved in a timely manner. If there is any question please PM me.

Here is an example…

Paypal sent for
2 2D new $90
1 2C new $42
1 3D Pre-Owned $28
Shipping for 4 lights $14
Total= 174.00

I will run this sign up for at least a week. After which I will order the new Mags and hopefully have pre-owned lights in hand by the time the new ones are recieved.

Questions are welcomed via PM.

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