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Bye Bye RTF 2.....

  1. Had to say goodbye to that horrendous RTF texture on my Gen 3 G19. I have a video but it won't post. Screenshot_20200608-150506~2.png
  2. received_2683914628601144.jpeg
  3. You're braver than I! I would definitely screw up with a dremel in my hands!
    Are you going to leave it "naked" or add some kind of grip tape/sleeve?
  4. :faint:
  5. Good job, but I would have just traded the frame to someone looking for that roughness specifically.
  6. Is it a RTF2 with a slide that has the crescent shaped (gills)?
  7. Noooooooooo! It's my favorite grip pattern!
  8. Had a G23 RTF once, hated that thing.
  9. I would have used a Talon grip, but its your Glock, and its permanent now eh?
    I'd like to see the end results too, if you don't mind.
  10. So now what is the plan? Are you going to stipple it? Leave it bare?

    There are some who love the RTF2. You probably could have swapped for one, and perhaps got a little money as part of the deal. I hope you enjoy the end result, whatever than may be.
  11. Whatever. It definitely has a much much lower market value now.

    There are far more intelligent ways to relieve the aggressiveness of the early RTF grip texture.
  12. Ha, poor dude shares his changes with the forum.... and everyone is doggin' him!
    though.... I could see it coming a mile away, ha!
  13. his hog his corn
  14. Lol. It's a $100 dollar Glock frame. There is no added value. I bought 6 of these.
  15. Can I call you an ambulance??

    If you didn't like it why did you buy it?

    I would have gladly given/traded you, the 'dime a dozen' standard G3 frames
  16. BULL CRAP. I m calling BS.

    Glock RTF2 frames are $175-$250
  17. Stupid is as stupid does. Go ahead and take a knee as well.
  18. Oh I didn't do the work. Lol. I'm not that good
  19. I knew what I was doing when I posted this. Lol. Got the results I expected
  20. Lol. Ok. Maybe where you get them.
  21. Ok fudd. Why are you so upset?
  22. I have 6 of these frames. Lol
  23. Please post a link to $100 RTF2 frames...
  24. What Josh said/asked

  25. Too many acting as though OP committed an act of sacrilege.

    Removing the RTF2 texture isn’t everyone’s cup-o-tea, just as RTF2 turned out not to be OP’s cup-o-tea.

  26. Hey its his gun. Ive stippled a bunch of guns and its amazing how many people seem to get upset by it.

    Personally, the RTF2 is my favorite texture, and they are the only ones I dont stipple. I wish Glock would offer it as an option, and do the whole grip in it.

    I think if you were smart about it, you'd have traded it off for something else and made some money on it. But, thats just me. :)
  27. Totally agree. His gun, his choices, and I hope he loves it.

    Having said that, he does like calling people Fudd's (frequently), and is likely happy with the reactions and responses. All predictable. But I am with you. If he truly can get them for $100, he is burning money if he doesn't simply sell or trade them for base G19 grips to modify. People do pay extra for that, and it is a lost opportunity.

    But back to the original point you made... his guns, his choice.

    If he wants to show images of modified frames and doesn't care about the money lost, it's his choice! Free country, free speech, and I hope he loves the final product! I am always entertained by seeing things others choose to do. Some I may be baffled by, but that is okay!
  28. I did same thing. Even left the top finger groove and removed the lower. Good job OP.
  29. Don't know if I could bring myself to do that. Your gun, OP, do whatever you want with it.

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  30. Totally agree. And if one doesn't care for the taste of a hard-to-find bottle of $29 Weller bourbon, and chooses to mix three bottles of it with thirty liters of Coca-Cola, drop in a twenty pound bag of ice, and serve it at a college party they have every right to do that! Enjoy!

    That cheap $29 bottle of Weller isn't of huge intrinsic value, and isn't some rare piece of irreplaceable history. It is a widely sold item, just like an RTF grip. it IS harder to find than most, and demand far outstrips supply. So it sells for $200 or even $300 per bottle (instead of $29).

    Serving it to a group of thirsty party animals mixed with Coke and served in a few five gallon buckets is one way to use it. And that can be fun. But selling it for $300 (times three bottles for a $900 profit) and either making money OR buying several different bottles you DO like is another approach. One is a bit more fiscally sound, but both are perfectly fine.

    Sometimes it is fun to watch people wreck a Ferrari, light money on fire, or spray everyone with a $1,000 bottle of Champaign. Not because it makes sense. Just because they want to, it makes them happy, and it is their money to spend as they wish.

    Go get 'em! Have fun! All good!
  31. For the fanbois.... received_881427462473729.jpeg received_275475376986108.jpeg
  32. Tastefully done, and I’m not usually a big fan of stippling.

  33. I`ve never been a fan of modifying frames and grips, but DAMN! Thats a nice lookin job!!!
    As long as YOU`RE happy with it, thats all that should matter!
  34. No big loss in my mind; I'd guess that these are probably frames done for the 2017-2018 RTF2 Larry Vickers reboot. Which if the case frankly aren't the same as the original RTF2 texture. The original texture were little pyramids that came to an actual point. The reboot texture pyramids were slightly truncated, not pointed like the 2009 RTF2 pyramid texture of my original run G17. In other words, wimpier...er, I meant..."kinder and gentler".

    Keep in mind that, truncated or not, an all-out lovefest for this texture was NOT a universally held opinion. While RTF2s often felt great in-hand, agencies in general hated having their officers carry any of the original run of guns because they grabbed and tore into all kinds of clothing fabrics, something fairly alien to previous iterations of Glock. Any civilian who tried carrying a 2009 vintage RTF2 gun on a regular basis would likely concur (my hand raised).

    The subsequent reboot RTF2 Glocks brought back similar negative opinions with a fair number of buyers as well. And keep in mind that after all of that, this negativity is exactly why Glock bailed on the pyramids in the first place and instead chose to use a texture based on extruded micro blocks on the later Gen4 and Gen5. Fewer folks objected to the blocks.

    As for the ultimate rework itself: the reshape and texturing looks pretty nice. All good except for the choice of the yellowy flowery mustard color; definitely not my kind of shade for a gun, let alone a Glock.
  35. Ive been carrying/shooting just that, for about a decade now, and haven't found that to be the case. I think, like the stippled guns, the texture "wears" or "dulls" over time, and isn't quite as aggressive as when new.

    I don't seem to have the issue with the guns I've stippled either. Although with some of my fleece pull overs, they can on occasion get a bit "grabby".
  36. Every time someone makes a permanent alteration to a Glock, it increases the value of the unaltered Glocks. Thanks, guys.
  37. Lol...it's a plastic gun. There is no value.
  38. Totally agree. It isn't for me, but I can appreciate the time and effort that went into it. There is craftsmanship invested in that effort. It looks good.

    As long as the owner is happy, I am happy.
  39. It may be the lighting or a filter. The color is FDX. Its close to the factory 19x color.

    As for the ultimate rework itself: the reshape and texturing looks pretty nice. All good except for the choice of the yellowy flowery mustard color; definitely not my kind of shade for a gun, let alone a Glock.[/QUOTE]
  40. The fact that the RTF2's usually bring a premium, sort of shoots that theory down. So again, youre kind of shooting yourself in the wallet by dicking with them.

    But of course, its your choice and your wallet, and no different than using $100 bills for toilet paper, or setting on fire to impress your friends. ;)
  41. LOL... yeahhhh, kind a like when somebody comes along and makes a comment about your ugly girlfriend who you think is beautiful. Thats what i think of every time people make negative comments about something somebody else has. Next thing ya know, the gloves come off...lol.
  42. These frames are by no means special or rare. I bought 6 of them for $100 each. I wish people would stop glorifying Glocks. lol.
  43. Good lord man, your comment`s are rougher than the grip texture you`re complaining about.

    Its HIS GUN, you have zero $$$ or time invested in it.
  44. Well, if you look around, the RTF2 guns actually DO bring more money, for whatever reason. Thats just a fact.

    If you got them cheaper, good for you. All Im saying is, someone out there would probably have given you more for them than you paid for them. To me, youre just throwing money away.

    If its about building guns, you could have sold those frames you bought, and most likely had a couple more non RTF2 frames for what you paid. More frames, more guns.

    But, this isnt what thats about, is it? ;)

    Im getting the feeling here, that this isnt about what things cost, just trying to annoy people by doing stupid **** so you can hear them squeal. Just because. :)

    @Intolerant.... youre missing the whole point here. ;)

    It is his stuff, he can do what he likes with it, I could care less what he does, Im only pointing out, what I think is some minor stupidity on his part. But hes more than welcome to be as stupid as he likes. I got nothing in it.

    I stipple most of my Glocks and constantly hear **** for it, and most of that comes from Glock owners. Whatever. As you said, its my gun, Ill do as I like. And he can too.

    Ill just likely be getting more out of it, as Im not lighting money on fire trying to make some kind of point. ;)
  45. You say you don't care....but your comments prove otherwise. Why are you so upset about what I do with a cheap glock frame? You can literally buy these frames for the cost of a tank of gas. Also, why do I need to sell these frames for more guns? Ill keep these frames and just by more guns. Pretty simple
  46. Could have sold that gun to someone for $1000 :D
  47. Nope, i dont believe i`m missing the point at all, but i think, you might be. You`ve got nothing invested in the OP`s gun, but your "one way my way" comments say different. It`s pretty clear that you want to make "your point" that the guy is wasting/throwing his money away. He isnt selling anything, so how is he losing any money.

    You even self-admit, that you stipple guns too... are you flaming on the OP because his might look nicer than yours, and your jealous? Your negative rants on the OP speaks volumes.

    And your comment above "stupidity on his part". :dunno:
    The only thing i see stupid, are some of the comments flying around in here.

    Why can`t people just be happy for others. Personally, i like to see what people do with their guns. I think some of this stuff is really amazing. Alot of talent out there! Modding frames and grips aren`t my cup of tea, but i can surely appreciate others that do it. Who the hell cares what costs are won or lost, i`ve got no skin in the game, and neither do you. Again, HIS GUN.
  48. I dont care, and Im not uspet in the least. Only pointing out youre likely throwing money away, and that was all. You boys seem to be the ones upset.

    I dont know how much clearer I can be about that one point, but whatever. As I said right off, its your ****, do what you want.

    Whatever dude, its obvious some of you lack comprehension and just want to argue about ****. Hey, have at it.
  49. There you go caring again.