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I went into a Wall of China Mart yesterday for the first time since the Red China Virus outbreak. Yes it was interesting being the first day of the month and it reminded me why I own firearms for self defense as the store’s Aryan Nations population was quite dense. (The store is located near a drug-dealing, sex trafficking Aryan Nations enclave.) I didn’t realize how many of them are on Guhmit Assistance.

Anyway, I was there to get boxes and box tape for putting items into storage. I strolled by the ammo aisle and they have eradicated all SBR Ammo and Handgun Ammo. They didn’t even have some 12 Gauge 3” #2, #3 or #4 for me to pattern the new Mid Range Carlson’s Cremator Non-Ported Choke for my Benelli M2. So yeah, the little arrogant turd at the helm of Wall of China Mart honored his word and the small town red necks like me who made Wal Mart before it became Wall of China Mart have been given the cold shoulder. I have already switched all my normal Wal Mart business to Dollar General. Now I will get boxes at a packaging store and pay a little more.
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