Buying first AR at Gun Show ,,,,any Tips so i get a good deal on a great Rifle?

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    Jun 16, 2007
    I am going to the Silverado Gun show in Frederick MD this weekend. A few weeks ago I purchased a Glock 19 and have put about 1200 rounds downrange. I have little firearms knowledge other than what i my grandfather and cousin taught me when i was a teen (cough cough decades ago). I plan on taking a gun sight type course and maybe even 3 gun competetion latter on but it is primarly part of my EOTWAWKI Package.

    Tommorow I would like to get an AR 15 type rifle "out the door" and add the premium upgrades later. (I could run into some used rifles as well) I have read many post and forums about the rifle and I just can't sort out what is best so here is what i think i am looking for:

    Chambered 556

    Chrome bolt

    Single stage trigger

    non chrome threaded HD barrel 1:9

    A2 iron sights

    Deatachable Handle

    Likes: Collapsible stock, rails, 3 gun Light, front vertical grip, free float tube and sling, and anything else they might ban later.

    I think the manufacturer of the lower reciever is probally the most critical part and is the only item i can not direct ship or assemble myself later. So a ranking of MFG,s might help me spot a great used as deal.

    I am looking to spend $600-700 plus case mags and lots of ammo to go break it in!

    Thank you all in advance!
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