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Buying a enterprise rental car opinions pro's/con's

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I am divorced and got cleaned out do to the divorce, so i am on short money. I am also 65 and retired so my earning years are over. I need pro's and con's about buying a rental vehicle.
I am looking at 2018 Toyota RAV4's in the $17,000 price range with between 38,000 to 48,000 miles on them. Being a RAV4 I assume they weren't beaten up by the renters, hopefully a family vehicle. The factory warranty is still valid until 60,000 miles. I am also looking private party. Should I be afraid of buying a rental vehicle? I would buy at/thru Enterprise it's self, not a car lot.
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I Rented a car once in the winter in Los Angeles and drove it to visit my brother in Spokane Washington. It was some kind of Chevy econo-box with front wheel drive. I had made that drive many times over the years and knew where all the speed traps were so anywhere where there wasn't a speed trap I took it up to 90-100 mph where it was safe to save time. I never went that much over tne speed limit in my own cars but this was a new car with new tires and I was younger and more reckless then than I am now.

When I got up there I had to drive aggressively and blast through some snow drifts to keep from getting stuck. Then when I headed back I left later in the afternoon and about 100 miles out of Spokane the engine started to overheat and I pulled over in the middle of nowhere and opened the hood and steam was coming out of the side of the engine. This was before I had a cell phone so all I could do was keep going until I got to the next major city. The engine never got too hot as long as I was on the highway because of the freezing temperatures outside but when I got into the town I drove it sputtering and making awful noises until I found a motel and the engine seized up and died in the parking lot.

Using eh phone in the motel I called the rental car company which was not a major company and they said to check into the motel and give them the phone number of the room I was staying in because the nearest rental agency they had was in Seattle on the other side of the state and it wouldn't be until the middle of the night until they could get another car to me.

Anything you can imagine that can happen to a car can and will happen to rental car. You'd be a lot better off buying a fleet car than a rental car. Fleet car's don't always get treated that well but at least they get regular maintenance. Leased cars are another option.

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I’ve owned three rental cars, all purchased with less than 12k miles on them. No more or less problems than any other vehicles I’ve owned, including cars that were purchased new. I also keep my cars for a long time.
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