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Buyer Beware

Discussion in 'Smart Shopper' started by revbrown, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. revbrown

    revbrown useless member

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    Feb 8, 2003
    <rant on>

    this is just a rant in general and has little if NOTHING to do with buying on GT

    i administer my wifes online business in which we buy wholesale and sell off web sites as well as auction sites and locally

    we also avoid drop-shipping in favor of having the product on hand and checking it out first - which is why we purchased a certain coat from one of our suppliers

    we are happy with the unit and i decided to try it out on eBay

    well - i found the same coat (not unusual) but the listings started at LESS THAN HALF OF THE WHOLESALE PRICE!!!

    i'm wondering how to compete with this so i look up some of the listings (all one seller) - the seller even has an eBay store

    looking around for the 'catch' i finally found it - had to look at some of their negative feedback though

    this seller is basically charging wholesale unit price as SHIPPING AND HANDLING AND INSURANCE and the starting bid would be their profit - AND they have nothing on hand and depend totally on drop-shipping - some feedback although not negative mentioned weeks to get an item or finding out it was 'out of stock'

    you would think it would be obvious but many people have fallen for it - some even seem HAPPY about the deal they got - go figure

    but this seller has a 5% negative feedback - which if you are an eBayer you know that is WAY high

    please folks - when shopping online at retail or discount or auctions - check the shipping info - save yourself some grief - and give your business to the honest folks

    <rant off>

    have a great weekend