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BUYER BEWARE : scopeit

Discussion in 'Smart Shopper' started by Jerry Smith, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. Jerry Smith

    Jerry Smith Sleep Deprived

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    Mar 23, 2005
    Lexington, KY
    Ok, back in DECEMBER i bought some wilson combat 870 stuff for my shotty from glocktalk user "SCOPEIT", his email addy is :
    Anyway, i payed him via payal (like 46) damn dollars. At first he responded quickly to emails, and was always nice in his emails. I payed for the stuff in mid-late december, and after new year's when i STILL had not received the stuff i started asking what the delay was. He said he had been busy and it would be comming my way ASAP. Came late january, still no items. Then his next reply to me was that he was "out of stock" on some stuff and would either "refund my money, or ship them to me when he got them".. THEN he said he had shipped the items and that he was trying to "track" them via USPS....still no items. I politely asked for a refund, and he agreed. As of today jan 25 (now the 26th) i have NOT RECEIVED ANY REFUND, and i HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY ITEMS. I've taken it up with paypal, but its been more than 30 days so i may be screwed there. Now when i contact this guy via email, i get no replies. Im very dissapointed since this is the first time i've ever been scammed on stuff via message boards.
    But, regardless of how this turns out.....on the GT user :
    SCOPEIT, its definately BUYER BEWARE!!!!!


    I just sent another email to him, telling him i posted this buyerbeware ad here on GT...the email bounced back to me so i guess he was a scammer witha fake aol addy???
    This really pisses me off!