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Buy lots of mags...

  1. Why do people encourage this? Is it because they want them all loaded and handy? Because its easy to wear them out? Because there might be a ban on buying them in the future? I have four mags currently and don't mind reloading them when shooting targets but am looking for a good reason to stock up on mags since it is frequently advised. I'm not new to hunting and shooting by a long shot...killed first deer in early seventies and have enjoyed the shooting sports since. Thanks for Replys.
  2. You sort of answered your own question. All the reasons you stated. Along with less loading at the range. Myself I do my best to keep at least 10 mags per gun for all those reasons you stated
  3. I think a lot of it is #2 and #3
  4. Never know when one might to TU on you - bad feed lips, follower binds up, spring gets weak, mag gets broken from heavy use/dropped/run over/etc. It's always good to have spares. Fortunately, good AR mags are cheap.
  5. They are cheap, and come in handy at the range. Good enough reasons for me. Plus, if something crazy did ever happen (I'll leave the imagination to you), wouldn't you rather have twenty loaded mags instead of two?
  6. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    If you want any hi-cap mags, get them while you can.

    They will never be cheaper, they will never be more readily available.
  7. 1. zombies
    2. save time reloading
    3. future ban
    4. stockpile for SHTF

  8. Get em while you can. I have a feeling these days of $10 Pmags will be long talked about in a few years.
  9. I buy lots of mags because I can, period. I hope **** never hits the fan, and I hope there is not another magazine ban but if it does and if there is I am good to go.
  10. Ahhh the 10 year Brady Bill! Which did NOTHING against violent gun crimes. All it did was inconvience legal gun owners.
  11. This and a semi auto without a mag us a single shot.

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  12. So when those little kids come to my door and want to sell me magazines I can tell them they are selling the wrong ones.
  13. Where can I get some of those at?
    I'm gonna stock-up!
  14. $10? Wow, I've never seen them that low around here.
  15. :agree:
  16. Thanks everyone...I guess I was on the right track....wanted to make sure I wasn't missing an obvious reason. Time to start buying more mags myself!:wow:
  17. All of the above. Some people are paranoid nuts who don't really use their guns but keep hundreds of rounds loaded up for when the government comes for them. Others like to have a lot of magazines to load up and take to the range so they can shoot more and load less - I do that for my main competition guns. Worrying about bans is not entirely gone and if you get a bragain now it doesn't hurt to stockpile a few. 4 magazines per gun is kind of a minimum for me, since I might use any in competition.
  18. Hit the search button here on GT and I bet you can find the link to the thread advertising Pmags for $10/each +shipping to your little home. Other sites sell em for $12/shipped so I guess it depends where you live.

    I don't think you will ever see mags any cheaper so if you have the liquid funds you really can't go wrong. Used in beat up condition they sell for $8-$10...

  19. I think 4-6 per gun is fine for me as well. They are not a consumable commodity like ammo is. I think at a certain point it makes more sense to spend $20 on ammo instead of a extra AR mag.
  20. Also, it even says on Obama's website that one of his goals is to re-institute the assault weapons ban with no sunset clause.

    Follow this link to his official page:


    Scroll down to the Crime and Law Enforcement section and read the last sentence under the subsection Address Gun Violence in Cities.
  21. Kinda hard to pass an AWB when the House won't touch one with a 10 foot grounded pole.
  22. I know, but it is still good to be aware of.
  23. A lot of the reasons have been discussed in detail here, but I think one factor has been neglected a bit. If you actually train with your AR15, you will wear out and/or damage your mags eventually. They are consumable. We are constantly needing to rotate out damaged and worn magazines at our training center, and that even includes the more durable PMags.
  24. You never have too many mags, just when you think you might have just enough, someone borrows a few and forgets to return all of them or argues he only had just one.
    Not to change the subject off mags to much.
    but this weekend I found a good deal and the first really good looking Glock pistol.
    I bought a 25th anniversary Model 17 that looks great with USA and 25th written all over it, even the grip is inlaid with 25 years in the USA.medallion.
    The slide also has that etched in it
    It's one of only 2500 total produced.
    I think it was a great find.
    I bought three extra 17 round mags to go with the two that were included.
    I know, I was kinda bummed that it only came with two instead of the usual three mags.
    It has a cetificate signed by Gaston Glock that there were only 2500 made.
  25. Yeah, where can I buy $10 PMags?

    And what happens when 20 loaded mags ain't enough? You're going to wish you had had 21. :upeyes:
  26. Like I said the search function is your friend.

    Some of us have 50+ mags. But as with everything it depends on how much money you have and how much you think it's worth to you to own them.

  27. Or how often someone gives you a pile of mags for cheap.

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  28. I consider magazines disposable. They're cheap enough that if they crack/break/stop working, I don't have to worry about repairing them.

    I have probably about 20-30 Pmags and a dozen-ish GI mags, and I still feel like I'm way short. There's no WAY I'd have less than 20 on hand at any one time.

    DSG Arms has a special on GI mags with Magpul followers right now... $85 for a case of 10. I just ordered a box.
  29. Probably because magazines and ammo are not protected by the Constitution so restricting them is an extremely easy knee jerk reaction by our politicians who feel they must do something in response to a media hyped crime.
  30. I buy a lot of mags because I foolishly didn't buy enough when CA did their AWB. For a few years there it took an act of Congress practically to get duty mags let alone off duty mags. The guy who was chief then who signed off all the letters authorizing them got pissy if you were going for more than 3 mags. Once the Fed AWB died off it got easier.

    I also remember that originally the mag capacity for the Fed AWB was originally floated as 7 rounds max. That is why I am even buying enough 8 and 10 round mags to at least get me through to the end of my career.

    Having said that I do not have more than about a dozen mags per gun. I look at it like I have 10 years left on my career where I will be really hard on my mags. Maybe 10 years after that I will shoot more often but under conditions less abusive to my mags. And then once I hit 70 I suspect I will be getting senile (early senility in my family) so I will probably have to give up my guns at that point along with my DL. Even if I can't repair mags I should be able to have 6 mags running by the time I retire and a few by the time I give them up.

    If I were 15-20 years younger I would probably be buying closer to 20 mags per gun max.
  31. A better question is Why would you not want to acquire all the mags you can reasonably afford?
    Mags wear out or get lost during training. If there is another ban, I would rather be in a position to sell mags for insanely high prices than having to buy them.
  32. I was 17, in CA when the AWB went into effect.

    Mags do wear out.

    I have AT MINIMUM a full duty load for every single magazine fed weapon I own. That's 3 for pistols. At the moment, more like six or seven per pistol.

    Rifles? A double unit of fire, minimum, 14 mags. I've probably got more than that, I haven't counted in a while. Keeping 3-4 loaded is just smart, and 'more than that' is never a bad thing.
  33. This sums up my usual thoughts pretty well. I know I'm somewhere north of 20 AR mags, but I haven't counted in a while.
  34. #1 is already here. Liberals = zombies ; mindless beings that leech off of everybody else.

    Numbers 2-5 are legit.

    "We would never learn how to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world" - Hellen Keller
  35. Exactly. Like a cup of coffee for a nickel.
  36. in the blink of an eye, the price on mags can change from $10 to $100... If you plan on keeping the rifle for a while, I would get "plenty" of magazines.

    Some people forget how bad it was 20years ago when all you wanted was a 10round mag that actually worked right and price for 20 and 30 round magazines were $75-$100.00ea
  37. I don't see insanely high prices for mags if AWB happened again due to the fact companies have probably stocked more than needed cause they also want to cash in...
  38. I guess you are talking about the $9.99 sale cdnninvestments had at the end of 2011. They are back up to $13.99. Their $9.99 sale was limit 3 also. You can find them for $11.88 plus shipping if you search the old internet. I get them for $14.99 at the LGS.
  39. 4 mags per gun x 5 guns + extra ammo = 1 heavy gun bag
  40. Thanks! I found a place online selling them for a low price but have never heard of this company:


    Just under $14 a mag with shipping to my door.

    Anyone have any experience ordering from this site?

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  41. I actually saw them new (Pmags) in the 10-15 $ price range at the last gun show I went to. I was really surprised. Non windowed Pmags of course, I bought a few!

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  42. i did a search first before i posted this reply, and couldnt find an answer. i ordered a DD rail and for fun a couple of PMAGs with it since i was spending money. problem is they came with a blocking mechanism in them that only allows them to hold 10. they are 30rd mags with the window. i cant seem to find a place that has a replacement piece for them. besides just cutting the plastic obviously. can anyone help me out?
  43. The ten round limiter is just the magazine follower. Magpul makes replacement followers for USGI magazines, I wonder if those will work. I would assume its the exact same as the use in the PMAGS.

    Maybe not. Check Magpuls website. You can find the replacement followers I mentioned on BCMs website and others.

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  44. i dont think that will work. the USGI baseplate and the magpul baseplate are different. the magpul has a slot for the follower to lock into. i removed the blocking device and the baseplate wont stay in... any bump and it pops off
  45. Where did you order from that you got 10 round blocked PMAGs without realizing it?
  46. place called westerntactical... out of texas. i had just never encountered that before. ordered PMAGs from a couple different places, and in WA we have no limiters or laws prohibiting. just didnt think it applied nor did i think i should be on watch for something like that
  47. You can get the $10 pmags at:

    I just bought a pile of them. $10.75 shipped to my door.
  48. can someone explain to me how a Pmag is $10 yet a glock mag are $25-30?
  49. Not as much competition in the Glock magazine market.

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