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Hello Everyone,

I have done some searching and found bits and pieces of info but wanted to get your buy in. I’m looking to get my first glock. To give you some background up until recently I had always just purchased a gun off the shelf. Recently However I built an AR-15 in 6.8 SPC, I really enjoyed the process of putting it together piece by piece. I also fitting every thing so it was square had no play and what not. So I thought about building a 1911..... The problem is I want more rounds then a 1911 can hold, and I didn’t want to go double stack (with a 1911). So I thought about a glock or Xd. Ive owned a XD and really liked it but I want to try something differant. Hence my choice to go with a full size .40 s&w, 45 ACP or 10mm. I’m leaning toward .40 S&W. With that I don’t just want to pick something up off the shelf and go shoot. Would you guys buy a police trade in or buy a frame and have it new from the ground up? I’m almost leaning toward the police trade in because I can get it shoot it as I upgrade as apposed to having to build it up. the reason I want to build it from a frame is Id like to get the Timberwolf frame. Let me know what you guys think. any help is greatly appreciated. Also if you know of any deals that might be helpful as well. Thanks Again!

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Yes, get the Police trade in gun, Have fun shooting it. Get the Armorer's Course on DVD. Take the pistol completely apart and put it back together. If you feel you need to upgrade parts then do one or a few at a time and continue shooting the pistol. If you think you need a new lower, upper or other parts; then change them out.

I am a Glock Armorer but have much more fun building and shooting 1911 pistols. Here is a SS Caspian lower mated to Colt Series 70 blue slide, all Colt parts except frame.

Great shooter and good looking pistol.

Also built a couple of Colt Combat Commanders on SS Caspian frames.
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