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This upper has had roughly 200 rounds through it. I bought several years ago and just haven't gotten a lot of use out of it. There are a few light scratches on the left side of the receiver which I think you can see in the picture. It is an A2 style upper with a 16" barrel and full length handguards and sight radius. It has a 1:9 twist. It does not include the charging handle or the bolt carrier. I am looking to get $400 shipped for it. I also have a complete A2 buttstock assembly that I can include for free. I will also trade for a 9mm upper, a full size A1 upper with triangle handguards, or a carbine upper. I am not interested in a full size A2 upper.

From the bushmaster website:

Product Description:
This versatile Carbine has features that are unique to the AR-15 Type firearm… a carbine length barrel, full length handguards and the sight radius of the original rifle design.

•Placement of the Dissipator’s Front Sight allows for optimal use of the Full Sight Radius designed into the M16A2 sight system. To achieve this, the Dissipator’s Gas Block is located behind the front sight base, and under the full length handguards. This configuration offers improved heat dissipation, and therefore the model’s name.

•Upper Receivers available in A2 or A3 Configurations – A2 Upper Receiver has a 300 – 800 meter rear sight system (with 1 M.o.A. Elevation and ½ M.o.A. Windage adjustments). A3 Upper Receiver has a 300 – 600 meter rear sight system (with ½ M.o.A. Elevation and Windage adjustments). The A3 Upper Receiver incorporates a Picatinny configuration mounting rail allowing easy attachment of most accessory sights, scopes, oroptic devices.

•16” Heavy Profile Barrel is Chrome lined in both Bore and Chamber for excellent accuracy and long life. ChromeMoly Steel Barrel, and other exposed steel parts of the weapon are Manganese Phosphate finished to insure protection against corrosion or rust.

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Flat-top or carry-handle upper?

Barrel profile (heavy or M4)?

Flash suppressor?

Bayonet lug?


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