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Bush, Blaire and Binladin on a beach

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by GunsRmyProzac, Dec 30, 2006.

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    Dec 17, 2006
    So Bush, Blaire, And Binladin are all walking along a beach one day, trying to talk out their problems and what to do for peace.
    As they're talking they're not getting anywhere and start arguing. While arguing they're not paying attention to where they are walking and Bush falls face first in the sand. The others rush back to help him up and make sure he's alright. Bush gets up and he's screaming and hollaring, and he looks where he tripped and sees a little glistening in the sand. So he bends over and picks it up. It's pretty dirty understandably from being buried in sand for years. As he's brushing it off, a Genie pops out and says "for freeing me from my prison of ten thousand years I will grant each of you one wish."

    So they are all thinking alright, anything I want, BinLadin immediately chimes in, "I want a wall around my native land, nothing can get in or out, then we will have to live in peace without the western interference." the Genie says "it is done" and sends him back home to check it out. BinLadin is walking around checking out this wall and he likes it, it's water tight, nothing in or out.
    Then Blaire Kicks out with "I wish it was easier for our country to provide for itself, so we can live peacefully at home." the Genie says "it is done and" and sends him back to check it out. As Blaire is walking around he realizes they no longer have to rely on anyone else for anything, they are completely self sufficient.
    Then the Genie says to Bush "well you've been pretty quiet this whole time, isn't there anything that you want, anything that could make you happier."
    Bush replies with "tell me more about this wall you built for BinLadin over there" The Genie tells him "well, its about a thousand feet high, water tight, nothing gets in, or out. Noone can get in or leave.
    Bush says"really, well then why don't you eh, go ahead and, FILL THAT SUCKER UP WITH WATER."