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Bulman THR for G26, G27

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Bulman THR, right hand. High ride with no cant. I found this style hides a Glock better. No rear slide printing forward. Very comfy holster. This holster is $80 plus ship, and a 3 month wait from Bulman. I'll take $65.00, shipping included within USA. Why wait?
PayPal or money order.

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That Bulman THR is a really fine holster and holds the G27 at the right place. Those belt loops appear to be 1.5" is this correct?
I'm sorry, I should"ve stated that-its 1 3/4" loops. But a 1 1/2" belt works too. The holster really doesn't move around on the smaller belt. I think 1 3/4" belts are more comfy and support the gear better.
I'll get the funds out Monday.

Thanks, Craig
Its sold pending payment.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts