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Bullseyes with Glock 19 at 75 feet?

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Curious if anyone finds the Glock 19 usable when shooting at a distance of 75 feet. I bought a 17 and a 34 for matches but was not happy with the results I was getting. I traded off the 17. I still think I shoot better with the 19. It just feels more like a natural extension of my arm and hand. Now I'm thinking of trading off the 34 and practicing more with the 19. I think I talked myself into the 34 thinking is was a "proper" target pistol.
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If YOU shoot it better it doesn't matter what we think.

I shoot the G17 better than the G19. My son shoots the G19 better.

One thing I've found in my years of shooting, as long as it's safe, if it works better for you it's not wrong.
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