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bullet reliability question

  1. Tanong lang kung me nakagamit na dito ng AGIMAT (Talisman) bullets, copper plated hallow points 180 grains? Reliable po ba?
    Recoil's a little sharp-ish for my taste.
    Feeds okay naman.

    Just make sure the store didn't muck the bullets up
    with Scotch tape to keep them from rolling around in
    the ill-fitting blister-0pack (better to buy them boxed).
    The adhesive tape residue will not only encourage
    FTF's, but is a major PITA to clean out of your magazines,
    and the chamber.

    Twin Pines also offers "SILVER BULLETS" JHP,
    and I should warn against using them
    in just any pistol (especially for small blowbacks):
    all steel lang dapat ang firearm.
    The bullet's jacket is hard enough to gouge
    an aluminium alloy ramp over time.
  3. That's new to my ears, who manufactured it?
  4. Thanks for the info horge, I checked the bullets they are adhesive free. I am a new owner of a glock 22, I read that due to the polygonal rifling you can't just fire any bullets. I know I can't fire lead bullets, are there any other bullets I should avoid. The gun store has frageble bullets can I use them? Thanks again for the info.
    Vega, I don't know the manufacturer but twin pines are the distributor. I was amused by the marketing ploy,thatS way I bought them, will try to post the picture of the packaging, they are marketed as "BULLETS OF POWER AND MAGIC". nAF SAID:)
  5. Yes you can shoot lead on your Glock, just clean it real well after shooting. I've shot thousand of lead bullets on my G19 back there and so are my shooting buddies. I stop shooting lead here in US since copper coated are more affordable. After depleting my copper coated, I'll be shooting lead again for my G22.

    YOu think your AGIMAT ammo can stop Nardong Putik and Tiagong Akyat?;)
  6. Sorry I thought you are here in the philippines, I don't know if they are available in the us. Don't know if it can stop nardong putik, but it can be tricky to enter the senate with a loaded gun :supergrin: As for TIAGONG Akyat I don't know who he.
    We have been ghost hunting here at our farm with my cousins, Tignan namin kung matatakot multo or makakapatay aswang.
    Uy we have the same gun Glock 22, got mine recently. How many rounds have you shot with it? hows your gun?
    I have attached the picture of the agimat bullets hope i did it correctly.
  7. Talisman Bullets
  8. Get the H.E.A.T. dart tips as well.
  9. Nice advertising ad!
    Tiagong Akyat was played by the same actor who played Nardong Putik. Now Nardong burak is a different guy.

    I have stop counting on my G22, I just keep on shooting. Life is too short to worry about lead on Glock, just enjoy shooting it.
  10. What's so special about the Talisman ammo?
  11. na convince ako ng girl sa gun store na bumibenta nito binubola bola ako eh nadala naman hehe bumili ako ng raptor at saka yung dart tip HEAT ammo. assembled here but imported daw yung components. boasting daw extreme penetration. i guess okay naman cguro kasi the owner boast of test firing the ammo sa davao at may range sila dun napapagod lng daw yung mga reloader sa kakaputok. inggit ako ah. hehe okay ba ito mga sir? mukhang hindi dapat ito palagi yung i-puputok mo kasi yung ramp ng barrel tinutusok ng tip at parang matigas tlga. :) btw yung talisman ata mura lng ito but yung dart tip at raptor costs 100 and 160 respectively d ba?
  12. Uy pareho tayo medyo maganda din kasi yung sales lady kaya one of the reason napabili ako. Mula lang yung Talisman (AGIMAT) jacketed hallow points 30 per piece, yung darts 100 din dito, but the sales lady warned me not to use darts on glocks baka daw masira rifling.
    By the way sabi ng sales lady mabenta daw sa antique your Talisman bullets :animlol: