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$299 or taking best offers too e-mail me your best offer [email protected]

This Bullet Proof / Resistant Face Mask is an N.I.J. Certified Standard 0108.01 Threat level II face mask that protects against .357 mag 158gr JSP at a velocity of 1400 +/- 50 fps. It also protects from a number of other ballistic threats such as .22 .25 .32 .380 .38 .41 .44 .45 9mm 10mm. This mask Retails from $400 - $500. $400 if you know where to look. $500 if you don't. That is if you can find it.

Click here for the list of different Threat levels

Visibility of Ballistic Face Mask: Visibility is excellent with this mask. Although wearing glasses is out of the question with this model.

Aiming with Ballistic face Mask: Aiming using iron sights on a rifle is plausible. While you can aim with the iron sites through some manipulation, it does promote improper shoulder pocketing. The aiming however, is much more easily acheived than if you were wearing your issue gas mask. Aiming through the use of other sights (dot, laser, electronic) works very very well.

Breathing with Ballistic Face Mask: Breathing is not hindered by the mask.

Comfort of the Bullet proof / Resistant Mask: At 2.2 Pounds this mask is comfortable. I am wearing mine as I type.

Scare Tactic of the Bullet Proof / Resistant Mask: The BG might just drop his weapon and surrender at the site of this mask. I know it scared my Mom, my Wife and my daughter. My 18 month old son thaught it was the coolest.

This mask is available for immediate shipment through the USPS Priority Mail with insurance included. You will NOT be getting the mask I am wearing, that is mine. You will get a new one.

This Bullet Proof / Resistant Ballistic Face Mask should be part of everyone's body armor collection.

Ten percent Discount if sold to Military or Police.

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