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So I am a broke college student with a brand new generation 3 Glock 17. I do not have much money which is a problem if what I have been told by a friend is indeed true.

I have a full mag of self-defense ammo. I rack my gun, now, one is in the chamber. I refill my mag with one more self-defense round. 18+1. Nice.


My friend told me that with doing that eventually the bullet, the 1st and 2nd bullet, will eventually fail due to bullet compression. He says that the bullet will be pushed into the casing. If this is true is there anyway around this? I like to carry one in the chamber, I am 21, I have my whole life a head of me. I want to be ready if something happens. But if my bullets are compressed due to the excessive rotation that I put them through then that will be a bad situation, I was told the bullet can blow up in the gun.
(my 1st round that is racked and my 2nd one that is put into the top of the magazine, these are constantly being cycled)

I put one in chamber and take it out when I get to my house. I do not keep the gun loaded. But when I go out, one in the chamber.

Is this true. Is there anyway around bullet compression? If I rack it very slowly and never take my hand off the slide and just let it ease into place is that the best that can be done?

thank you. I do not want to have to buy new SD ammo continuously due to compression.

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This may have been an issue in years past but not so much anymore. Commercial manufactures use a pretty good taper crimp on their bullets.
If there is going to be any bullet compression it will be caused by the bullet nose engaging the feed ramp. Once the nose clears the feed ramp and continues into the chamber there is no longer any pressure on it.
Rotating the rounds of ammo will limit the exposure to this issue. You have 19 rounds to rotate if you choose to do so. I think thats a little over kill but one can never overestimate the potential of "What If"?
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