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I certainly accept that a person may not have the option to simply remain at home. To that end, I have short term mobile preps if I have to abandon my home. Where to go or how far to go will greatly depend on what is happening and what has happened. If I can stay home, great! It would be the best situation for most of us. If I have to flee, its going to be with 3 or 4 days of preps and that's it. I can likely replenish water safely for a while but fuel and food is going to be a problem after a week or so.

My bug out plan is to travel for a few days to a safe/stable place. If the crisis is so bad that I have abandoned my home, its kinda hard to plan much further than that. 3 days of preps are in my car at all times. If I had the luxury of advanced warning, I could triple it but that's about it. My plan is to stay home but if I cant, the plan is to travel as short a distance as possible to a safer place.

I speculate that just about any large scale crisis in this country is probably going to allow me to remain at home for as long as I can physically keep it. That's probably what I will opt to do.

What I tell people about bugging out is that if you cant carry it on your person, you will probably stand a very good chance of having to abandon it during the first real conflict you engage in. 10k rounds of ammo, 20 guns and 5 pallets of food/water is not going to do you that much good if you cant carry it, protect it or secure it for long periods of time. A person should probably have a well designed system to carry the critical items you need and you should probably come to terms with the fact that what you have on your back is very likely going to be the extent of what you BUGOUT with. Vehicles get damaged, get stuck, break down, get stolen, draw attention, get flat tires, run out of fuel. They are a luxury that can expire quickly and easily during a crisis. If SHTF has occurred, you stand a good chance of facing it on foot after a very short attempt to manage it in a vehicle.
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