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I'm not a boat person, and while this plan is viable, it would be a last resort for me.

I'm a big believer in the 3 B's and have my own version which includes something your scenario precludes: Buddies (although ironically Boats would now fit into it). I would rather than 4-5 friends I can count on hands down than all the bullets and beans in the world. Are you bringing people with you. If yes, your supply problem has just doubled or tripled.

Second, boats are expensive and costly to maintain. I assume in your situation your boat would be already stocked to leave at a moment's notice. While piracy is a possibility I would be worried the boat would be broken into at your port. If things get bad, boats, car storage units will be major targets. As someone has mentioned even a cheap boat sailboat capable of ocean travel will run at least $100K or more. If you could leave the city timely and get somewhere else-$100K buys a lot of peace of mind there. Are you a boater? Like I said, I'm not a boat guy and can't see having $100-whateverK sitting somewhere doing nothing.

Third, you are assuming in a "bad" situation the islanders will even want you there. My #1 real world disaster is the economic failure of the U.S. Imagine any other scenario you want: in a virial outbreak for example do you think islanders will WANT you on their island. And to think Latin America will fair any bad scenario better than the U.S IMO is a long shot.

Of course the mentioned piracy will constantly be a problem. I could see the boat being viable if it was taking you somewhere else to stay....but as a long term option??
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