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let's see...
a) we have the most powerful military in the world, so we're not getting beat from the outside

b) well more than 50% of Americans are decent, good people who believe in the principles our nation was founded on

c) Far less than 50% are lawless leftists who wish to destroy our country

I for one, prefer to stand and fight. I think the odds are with us.
Yep. I’m one of the “Stay put and defend if at all possible” crowd.

In SHTF situation road travel to bug out is a delusion besides, how would you even know where to go and once you get there then what?

I’m not a prep person but with what is in the house the family could survive very comfortably for 60 days or more and there’s deer galore if more food is needed.

Pretty much all the neighbors are on the same page. Stay put, defend and help each other. On one side my neighbor is a firefighter/EMT and on the other side the neighbor is an RN and both hunt/shoot.

I think this would happen a lot if SHTF - a lot of small groups would stay put and band together.
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