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Buffalo mayor calls elderly protester shoved by police an ‘agitator’

  1. "Buffalo mayor calls elderly protester shoved by police an ‘agitator’

    The elderly Buffalo protester knocked to the ground by cops in a viral video that has become an international symbol of police brutality was an “agitator” who was “trying to spark up the crowd of people,” the city’s mayor said.

    Explaining why he had yet to fire the officers seen pushing Martin Gugino, 75, to the ground, where he hit his head and bled onto the pavement, Mayor Byron Brown said, “I don’t want to jump ahead of the investigation. It is very important for officers to know they are getting due process,” according to WBEN Radio.

    Brown referenced violence, vandalism, looting and fires being set during protests in the city, then described Gugino as “a key and major instigator of people engaging in those activities” in remarks he made Friday.

    “He was in the area after the curfew. One of the things that happened before was conflict among protesters and there was a danger of fights breaking out, and police felt it was important to clear that scene for the safety of protesters,” said Brown.

    https://nypost.com/2020/06/06/buffalo-mayor-calls-protester-shoved-by-police-an-agitator/ "
  2. I wonder if a bunch of seniors began to march on the mayor's office and then started to riot, loot, and burn a liquor store if the mayor would get on a knee for them?

    Dims in NY, NJ, PA, MI, etc. killed many seniors by forcing CV19 patients into their nursing homes. I think seniors should be able to loot and burn with impunity. Just as other minorities have been allowed to do over the senseless death of one man. Obviously Buffalo cops are systemically racist against seniors based on their activity toward one man.
  3. Yeah, he wasn’t helping the situation ANY!
  4. GF said did you see the police knock down that poor old man?
    I said yeah, what a dumas. Old enough to know better.
  5. Yep he damn well knew exactly what he was doing, and unfortunately got exactly what he wanted. These young police were most likely too wired up on the task at-hand (the mob right behind the old fella) and weren't too quick on picking up on how they were getting played.
  6. Looks like he won, because the 2 cops got fired.
  7. Not sure about that, but

    Buffalo Police Arraigned for Felony Assault, Elderly Protestor Still Critical


    "Members of the Buffalo Police Department's Emergency Response Team, the officers have been suspended without pay and are being investigated after a local radio station released video of the incident involving Gugino, which went viral and had more than 78 million views by midday Saturday."
  8. Yup, this is a lot like what started all this crap...and still part of the problem...LE ISNT USING THEIR HEADS....\
    I mean why not just have 2 guys take him by each arm one on either side then "escort" him NICELY to where they wanted him to go? did they really need to shove him instead??
  9. He got a skull fracture out of it (there's blood draining from his right ear).
  10. Well, he and his lawyer, will likely enjoy a nice retirement based upon one slight shove