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Buck Mayo TNT

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by -, Apr 3, 2003.

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    Buck Mayo TNT brand new in the sealed box. 3 1/8" S30V blade and 7 3/8" long overall. Opinion only, but this is as good as it gets in a production knife. I got a few and kept one. $210 shipped which is pretty much the going rate although there aren't too many out there - not yet anyway. They retail for $300. Can do any form of payment. Please call or email anytime at all at (800) 366-8051 or . Thanks.

    Sold. Thanks.
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    Sold one to a friend who needs the money so he asked me to unload it for him. The blade is perfect, but there's a few very minor scuffs (not scratches) on the handle. $175 shipped would do it. Can do any form of payment. I'm at (800) 366-8051 and all the time. Thanks.