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    Feb 20, 2009
    After getting tired of the "ratty" appearance and associated rough operation that my Glock 17Ls were experiencing with the OEM polymer guide rod after extended usage, I decided to change to a non-captive stainless steel rod for smoother operation. That was just before last Christmas.

    One of the requirements for these new rods would be that the front end of the rod must extend far enough forward inside the slide so that it will not "catch" upon the recoil spring assembly retention ledge at the front (interior) of the slide. I decided to have "custom" parts made for the role and began to look for a company to do the job.

    Enter Bill Freeman of BT Guiderods.

    I provided the measurements (rod OAL, rod diameter, flange diameter and thickness, etc.) that I wanted and he kindly promised that he'd make sure that I was happy with whatever I came away with. Bill was very knowledgeable about current "aftermarket" recoil spring internal diameters and we decided that the rod should "mike" nominally at 0.270 inches in diameter for minimum "snake" and have a final finished length of 4.650 inches so that it sits about 1/8th of an inch shy of the G17L slide face.

    Material was 17-4PH/1115 stainless steel and arrived finely turned and polished and ready to go. The rod tip had a gentle bevel smoothing out the leading edge of the rod. The new rod slipped into place with very little effort inside a Wolff 19 pound spring and after a little oil, I awaited a chance (my schedule is outta control) to try it out at the range.

    That happened today.

    Despite cold weather (29F), operation is quiet and silky smooth with minimum spring "kink" and almost no spring "snake" when the assembly is at rest. 300 rounds, no malfunctions and tight as spinster's pursestrings.

    Next time you see his ad placard here on GT, check it out. His work is as professional as his attitude and his prices are quite reasonable.

    Bill has a satisfied customer in me for life. I'll be back for more.
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    Jul 19, 2009
    While not familiar with the problems you mentioned, I appreciate this post and the information provided. Sincerely. Brucev.

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    Dec 15, 2009
    Pittsburgh, PA

    Thank You for your review. I appreciate all the accolades. I'm glad you chose BT Guide Rods to tackle this custom project and that the result was not only satisfactory but surpassed your expectations.

    I look forward to tackling your next project!