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Brownells Scholarship Winner is Ready to Go to Work

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by Outdoor Hub, Aug 14, 2011.

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    Aug 12, 2011
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    The second recipient of an innovative Brownells gunsmithingscholarship is a self-described “nontraditional student” who hasalready used the money to buy bluing tanks and a band saw-exactlywhat the scholarship intended.


    Pat Jones, 40, recently won a $2000 merit scholarship after hesuccessfully finished his third and final year of studies at theBrownells Trinidad American Gunsmithing Technologies Institute inTrinidad, Colorado.

    “The scholarship helps Trinidad’s third-year gunsmithingstudents set up a gunsmithing business,” said Frank Brownell, thecompany’s CEO. “The students come out of Trinidad with gunsmithingskills and business training, and the scholarship buys tools theycan use immediately.”

    Jones, who grew up in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, said hisinterest in gunsmithing was kindled when he took an NRA gunsmithingclass one summer, and “realized I had a knack for it.”

    Jones admits he got a late start learning the gunsmithing arts.He was a 1994 graduate from the University of Maine with aneducation degree and was credentialed as a high-school mathteacher. At one time, he also operated his own property-managementbusiness.

    “But in gunsmithing, I create something with my own hands,”Jones said. “I absolutely love that.”

    Brownells President Pete Brownell said, “Our dream at Trinidadwas to create a business incubator for gunsmithing graduates fromaround the country. Students from other gunsmithing schools whotake a third year at Trinidad can apply for the scholarship.”

    Trinidad State Junior College Gunsmithing Instructor Thomas“Speedy” Gonzalez said, “We will miss Pat a lot. His leadershipskills and attention to precision and detail gave his classmatescause to vote for him in the award of the scholarship.”

    Jones said, “I’m extremely grateful to Brownells forscholarships during my first two years at the school and for themoney to get me started in the business.


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