Brought me home a bowflex, now I need workout recommendations.

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning' started by notoriouskeef, Aug 4, 2005.

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    Dec 7, 2004
    Allright, after months of putting it off I finaly purcahsed this badboy.

    I've never lifted before and Have no idea what type of program to use. I followed their little 6 week guide thing in the back for my first workout. I'm sore today but thats expected.

    My question is, i've been doing research trying to find workout programs b/c i've read people working out everyday for an hour. Now the guide that came with the machine says 3 days a week and the 6 week plan only does like 5 different lifts when the machine is capable of tons more.

    Any help is appreciated. I"m looking to burn a lot of fat and gain muscle. I'm not wanting to get HUGE (where it looks like I can't whipe my...), just toned, 6 pack, not be embarrased to take off my shirt.

    help is appreciated,
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    Apr 15, 2001
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    I've used free weights for a long time, but recently bought a bowflex knock-off (Weider) because I have neither the cash or the space for a quality home gym. With free weights I used to be so sore I'd have to wait 3 days before a given muscle was ready to be excercised again, but the Weider wasn't giving me that intense a workout. I figure I'm going to try working the major muscle movements (bench press, lat pulldowns, bicep/triceps, row, leg press) a couple times a day (only takes 10 min or so) and get more involved with my workouts a couple three times a week. Working fine so far, but I'm only about a week into it. Good luck.

  3. jdsumner


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    May 26, 2005
    riverview, florida
    Personally, I've come to prefer cicuit style training for overall fitness. 20mins of cardio followed by 20-30mins of resistance training. High reps/smart wieght (or resistance). 2 to 3 circuits of 12-15 reps. And I know most experienced trainers like to stay on a routine for 7-9 weeks, but my partner and I have had amazing results by changing our routines every 3 weeks. On Thanksgiving last year I weighted 246lbs and hadnt trained for over 5mo due to a back injury. Right now, I hover between 215-220lbs. My partner went from 260 in January when he started with me to 230 now. He went from a size 41 in Levi's to 37's now. And we really didnt go crazy with strict diet, just minor modifications. And proper supplementation. We're both 34 yrs old, and both work outside in the Florida heat everyday. So, I feel our conditioning is a top proirity for long term benefits.

    If you'd like any info on our program, just pm me. I dont wanna come off on the board as a knowitall, since I'm not a pro trainer or anything. But I do love our program cause its interesting, and challenging. And thats really the ticket. If you aint having fun, you wont keep doing it.
    Best wishes,