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A week ago we interred my Dad's cremains in the little town in which we grew up. Despite being retired for more than two decades his agency sent an honor guard representative. I was also fortunate in that some good friends joined me a thousand miles away from home here, including a current captain who had already flown a couple times this month and came home to a broken microwave, but still was there for me. As was a guy I worked with for a couple decades who is retired now but left his house without the new roof completed. And a recently retired sergeant who was in the process of closing on her new house six hundred miles away but also left that process for me. We hosted a small dinner after the graveside service for those who could be there. My brother commented that he had been a bit worried after our Dad died a few months back about me as he was uncertain I had any close people in my life, but that he now felt relieved. I told him there a few people who would have my back no matter what and that a lot of that stems from having each other's back on the job including a lot of times from folks we may have not met before.
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