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Brooklyn shooting: 7 shot within 10 minutes in separate incidents

  1. With NYs strict gun laws, I don't see how this is even possible.
  2. Funny, no mention was made of the race of any involved. Where's the outrage?
  3. Good work, Brooklyn! Where can I send a donation of more guns and ammo to them?
  4. Covid is over, all is back to normal.
  5. there ought to be a law....
  6. Clearly there is no need for the police in Brooklyn. Defund them immediately.

    I guess the left want "The Purge" in real life.
  7. The Left will lose.
  8. 18 murdered and 40+ wounded, how wonderful is that! Hope BLM checks that out!
  9. But no police, why?
  10. Well, if NYC would implement some strong gun control laws, this sort of thing would never happen.

    Oh, Wait,

  11. I want to speak to the manager
  12. Time to send in the social worker with a Twizzler, a cookie, and a big hug!

  13. More to come I’m thinking.
  14. Brooklyn? So?
  15. Crazy. This would have never happened if George Floyd were still here. Everything was so peaceful in gangland before his death.
  16. Yep, ... even with the NYPD defunded and disbanded.

    Not possible at all. Laws are laws after all. :whistling:

    But the real question is: can the body count of the NYC-ers keep pace with Chicago's on the weekends?

    First City vs. Second City. (Google that only if you're a confused Millennial).

    Stay tuned ... :popcorn:
  17. More. Midnight. Basketball.
  18. NY safe law ain't working.
  19. iu.gif My name is Robin HOOD....And i run this TO.....agh!!
  20. But you don't understand, they've been oppressed for so long how could anybody possibly blame them.
  21. Those are rookie numbers. They gotta pump those numbers up!
  22. Ok Karen
  23. I'd probably avoid a Malcolm X Boulevard late at night.
  24. NY1 had a debate from that part of NY.
    If you missed it you really did miss out on a poop flinging contest of epic proportions.