Broken Toshiba Sat. laptop case, options?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by ToyotaMan, Dec 19, 2004.

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    Jun 6, 2000
    I've got a 2.5 year old Toshiba Satellite laptop with a 1Ghz, 30 gig
    HD, and a CD-R burner w/ DVD player.

    Unfortunately, as good as these numbers are and with the fact that I"ve just reinstalled Windows XP and the computer is working as good as ever as far as software and abilities go, the case on the computer has been broken.

    If I move the screen, the case which it is attached too turns with it as it is broken in half.

    Would it be possible to purchase this same computer frame and switch over to the new frame all the parts of this computer?

    I think I can get one off eBay for 50 bucks, but I don't know how difficult the swap would be.

    Any suggestions? I'd really like to keep using this laptop, but I need its structural integrity to be much better.
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    Mar 28, 2001
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    I have fixed several laptop cases the cheap - but - stronger - than - new way.

    If you are referring to the bezel that runs along both sides of the LCD screen, then I have experience with this, as well.

    See, you can use anything from headless nails to strips of steel or even steel scavenged from an old lockback knife to reinforce cracks in virtually any plastic part.

    First, remove anything that's in the way so you can easily access the cracked part, then use some Medium grit sandpaper to roughen the inside aspect of the cracked parts.

    Then prepare the 're-rods', and mix up some JB Weld.

    Ensure the metal reinforcements are grease-free and somewhat roughened, then coat the cracked area with a thin layer of JB. Also coat the steel and apply it perpendicular to (across) the cracked area, so the length on both sides of the crack is the same.

    The more strain that spot is going to be seeing when in use, the more metal you need to use.

    Lastly, make sure the cracks aren't gaping, and set the laptop so that the parts will be in good alignment when the epoxy cures.

    Let it cure overnight, and in the AM, your PC case will be BETTER than new. Reasssemble anything you needed to remove, and have fun with it!

    Good luck,