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Broken G19 slide

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Have an chance to purchase this G19 slide. Is this something that Glock will warranty? I have no idea what happened to it.


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If Glock will give the OP a new one for free, why doesn't the current owner arrange that same sweet deal? Why?? A new Glock slide would be worth $300, and if one could be had in exchange for the scrap shown here, why does the current owner NOT make the exchange?

Glock would not have allowed the current owner to keep this piece of junk if the current owner has already received a replacement from Glock. So...again...why does the current owner not arrange such a great deal, if it is so certain to be offered?

I'm going to suggest that it is highly unlikely that Glock will replace for free a totally destroyed slide that some knucklehead sends in out of the blue without including the frame of the original *matching serial* frame. Glock warantees pistols, not pieces-parts. away from this. The slide has absolutely no value unless you've got the serial matching frame to send in with it.

I just killed the Dream. :)
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