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    An old friend of mine is muy gordo. Muy, muy gordo.

    Anyway, he was playing with his food one day and decided that he had just concocted the best tasting brisquet he had ever tasted, and he had tasted a lot.

    So, he decided to start a business.

    Long story short, he worked it penniless for 2 years before being discovered by the right guy and now he's on the cusp of
    moving into the big time as an approved vendor to SYSCO, the nation's largest distributor of food supplies to restaurants.
    His wife supported him with her income. They moved to a cheaper place. They put in a lot of time and travel and money to try to introduce their product to the market.

    It's about to pay off for him, and I offer this story as an example of a fellow who had no college and no skill and no business sense who nevertheless found an entrepreneurial spirit and unlocked the door to success in America.

    At last year's Texas State Fair, his brisquet was offered as the "Texas Jalapeno Steak Sandwich" in 10 booths, and the vendor reported to him that numerous customers complimented the product and purchased second servings.
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    Well, I gotta admit that's the first time I've ever seen brisket spelled that way but google shows over 11,000 entries. It also shows almost 1.8 million entries for brisket and Wikipedia doesn't show an entry for brisquet.