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Ok, time to start a list of reasons the person should stay in their car.

- I would rather be behind a threat than next to it.
- In a normal traffic stop set-up a knife will do a bad guy not much good. Your way he can stab you.
- I like having an engine block I can duck behind.
- If I have to go hands on and make an arrest, I can make the call for backup without having to worry the guy might know what I asked for.
- The distance between my door and his along with him having to get up means I get at least a second or two to find more ways to kill him.
- I don't have to worry about a defense lawyer claiming that the bad guy was "in custody" when he admitted something during the stop.
- You cannot legally justify patting every traffic violator for weapons. You can ask, but you may not always get consent, and frankly I wouldn't blame them for refusing.
- When possible, I like staying behind the curtain of light and not letting the bad guy know what I am doing.
- I cannot imagine asking a bad guy to step out of MY car to arrest him. Do you get out first and leave someone you are about to arrest sitting in your running car with a bunch of long guns? Or do you ask him to step out first and give him a nice bit of distance to start running?
- I don't want to check my car seat for contraband anymore often than necessary.
- I don't want to get beefed by some chick who thinks it's sexual.
- Our cameras faces forward and I wore a microphone, so having them IN the car means I dont actually see them on the video without turning my camera off the other car.
- my cover officer can watch the guys in the car while I write. I'd rather have two of us shooting into the suspect's car than my cover officer shooting into mine.
- I can't draw as quickly when I am in the car as I can when I am walking up to their car. Especially when I have to worry about a gun grab.
- It is harder to shoot the guy sitting 6 inches to the right of my gun hand than it is to shoot the guy trying to open a door you a few feet away.
- in a related one, it is easier for someone in the passenger seat to shoot you than it is for a driver if you stay behind the pillar.
- I would prefer to be the one who can move around with the bad guy trapped in a steel box.

Ok, I am bored, anyone else want to continue?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts