brief comments, a request.

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    Thank you for the time investment lately and your efforts on behalf of all of us. It has been much appreciated, and you've built slack to ask favors, if you ever had a need to, of me. Much Obliged.

    Not to say I have any clue you'll ever benefit by the sentiment, nor how you Could, even.

    But fwiw anyway.

    I want a sticky. Really. I'll ARGUE with you in fact, and me feeling obligated and all, to get this sticky if you'll permit (or require) arguement.

    Please hear my request with indulgence.

    There's a thread, 'what can I do to stop idiot gun control laws'..

    and, i Answered that guy PM as is my habit, and then i LOOKED at my answer and i realized i had a tiny grain of a bigger truth than my littul skull could hold onto.

    i was an early adopter on the lynch zumbo train, saw the tsunami crest .. uh WOW! scuse ME? i sent out a dozen eblurbs (support and contact emails to various folks) all decrying zumbos Stooopid runaway mouth.. (it was his public indiscretion, not his opinion, that set off the explosion)

    and, in fact, his TASTES (not arrogant mind boggling holier than thou PRESUMPTION i hasten to decry) aren't so dissimilar to mine.

    i like precision, don't care to shoot many rounds of ammo, i've a scotsman in my anscestry and he's a TightWad.. I like medium powerful but not TOO powerful for hunting, cheep tackdriver 22s for plinking and teaching and treerats, 'one round' 'one gun' 'have a gun' kinda guy..

    fudd. seriously by intent, about 90%. There is that 10% that considers that Every weapon MIGHT BE a defensive weapon. And sells what won't work, and has enough of what will work. My brakes don't drag or squeal and my tires have a lot of tread. It's the same kinda concern about utility, no part of ego.

    but the GALL of that ass to claim HIS opinion was holy. in a lifeboat situation he'd be swimmin..


    'STRATEGY' not just 'how to email your congresscritter'..

    how to get letter writing campaigns started to affect OTHER congresscritters. how to STACK polls, how to STACK our influences..

    samizdat brought down much of the russian bureaucracy.. it kept a trickle of coordination alive ... Xerox machines, ..

    we got the INTERNET. You care. I care. We're about 179 degrees apart on a lot of issues, and lockstep joined at the hip on some few.

    I WANT TO MATTER in this issue. By bringing you my want, i intend to get a sticky that coordinates many peoples efforts to MORE EFFECTIVELY pinpoint particular issues. A watering hole for discussion, a bulletin board for good ideas, a nexus of community effort.

    there may be a forum to address it, that's NOT IT. that marginalizes it.

    it might be as simple as 'GUN CONTROL' as a major forum heading and moving it up in the top few somewhere.

    it certainly deserves a sticky, yer the guy with the powah, can i ask please do it?

    also whatever ELSE WORKS to leverage your forum into a nexus of shared info on HOW TO MAKE IT MATTER.

    cause this liberal don't wanna die on the barricades and it ain't cheaper to wait.