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  1. ...seriously, what the **** is wrong with people? If my soon to be wife acted this ****y, I would kick her ass to the curb in a heartbeat...no wedding, no friends, no nothing, I would not want to spend another second in her presence.
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  3. You can really tell a lot about a woman when the whole "wedding planning" phase is going on. :whistling:
  4. If they didn't act this way, it wouldn't be on TV. Nobody wants to see the normal, average stuff.
  5. I won's share the pic before anybody asks...

    I have a photo of a bride in the fancy white gown and veil... holding a lit Marlboro in one hand and a can of Pepsi in the other while screaming and pitching a tantrum.

    Any time I hear the word "bridezilla" I immediately think of her.

    It's one of my favorite shots I've ever got because it is so real.

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  6. I watched a few minutes of it once. They were so ugly my screen kept fading out.
  7. Exactly....why would someone subject themselves to being treated like that? Not only are they staying in the relationship but they are actually making a commitment. I would rather be alone.
  8. I think that show is fake. Are there really women that act like that??????????
  9. I love that show. I personally think it's hilarious. I almost wish they would post obits of the marriages they filmed. :rofl:

    I have a feeling my mother will be the one acting like a "bridezilla" at my wedding. I'm the only girl, and will be the first (and perhaps only??) of her children to have a real wedding. Add that to a history of her always being second fiddle to her own brothers, which I've already noticed her making up for that by making sure I get equal if not more from my parents as my brothers....

    But I also think that she will be a huge asset when it comes to planning my wedding. So that will reduce a lot of the stress placed on me. But even if I had to plan my wedding on my own with zero help from anyone, I just don't see myself being a bridezilla. It's just one day, and what happens after the wedding is more important...
  10. I think it has to be fake. If not, those grooms get what's coming to them. I don't enjoy watching it, it's painful.

    OTOH, I do enjoy watching "Say Yes to the Dress" :supergrin:
  11. Yes there are.

    A good friend of mine was getting yelled at in my presence over his lack of "enthusiasm" for help in planning the wedding. I jokingly suggested to him that they go with an all football format and the bleeding va-jayjay went nuts.

    She told me to leave and take my ideas with me. When my friend told her that the house was his and that he wanted me there, she exploded. I left to settle down the family fight and I was not invited to the wedding or to the house afterwards.

    When I ran into him 2 years later, he was bitterly complaining about her. I told him point blank that he allowed it to happen and it was partially his fault.
  12. Years ago, we went to CA for a wedding that VR was an usher in. The groom had a Mustang that he was very particular about, so he said we could decorate it as long as we didn't put any tape on the paint.

    I stayed up the night before making a beautiful, tasteful "Just Married" sign, and the ushers put some balloons inside the car, nothing crass or overdone or tacky. The bride took one look at it and REFUSED to step into it until everything was OUT AND OFF. I mean, screaming hissy fit in the middle of the reception, and even stomped her foot. :shocked:
  13. Like most reality shows, it is totally scripted. How do I know? Because no woman would agree to be on a show called "Bridezillas," and even if she did, she would contain herself knowing she was going to be on national television. Furthermore, how would the producers know which women to select, and what percent of the ones filmed do you think would put out enough tantrum content to fill a show? There'd be a lot of wasted time for the producers trying to find them, it's a lot easier just to hire unknown actors on the cheap and get guaranteed drama every show.
  14. Yes, sadly there are.

    Yes, those men live a hard life, but they had fair warning!!

    I have a relative that was AWFUL during the whole wedding, and the planning, and refused to acknowledge all everyone was doing to make her day "perfect". All these years later, she still runs her hubby ragged. But he refuses to be single again, and chooses to put up with it.

    I kinda wish I'd been a LITTLE bit 'zilla. I didn't want to make people feel put out, or hurt, so I let a lot of my own wishes "slide".

    Oh well, it was just one day. I still have the guy, and that was the whole point!
  15. It would help explain why the divorce rate is so high...
  16. OK, I must admit that I have watched a few episodes of that show. It's kind of like when you pass a horrible car wreck on the highway - you simply can't help but take a look. In any event, any normal male who willingly subjects himself to such public abuse (which clearly won't stop at the wedding) absolutely deserves what he gets and I have no sympathy for him.
  17. Definitely fake. Watched a preview on Youtube. Only b/c no one would stand for htat crap.

    "I want my chocolate cake!" "Get the F outta my store, B-word!"

    "I want that thirdy-touzand-dallah ring." "Den you bedda get a bedda job, ho!"

    "You're family is SO STUPID." "Let's play this at our wedding reception. G'bye!"
  18. I ask :whistling:
  19. I am a pro photographer. I don't do weddings anymore! Bridezillas are real! The wedding is "their day" and they are going to use it to torture everyone. Some of these women have planning the wedding day since they were 5 or 6 and IT WILL BE PERFECT!!! or someone is going to die!!! The sad thing is many of the ones I photographed had not spent a single day planning a marriage. I have had calls a few months after the big day announcing the divorce and wanting a refund on the wedding photos.
  20. That's exactly it. They don't realize that there's the Day After that is supposed to last for the rest of their lives.
  21. Like the wedding night...oh yeah! :rofl:
  22. :rofl:

    "Oh, this is pretty common. We've even got a system for it. OK, when you hear the tone, type in your phone number and a refund will be automatically issued." CLICK!

    Maybe she can take a big pile of crap and tell the bakery she wants a refund on the cake, too. :upeyes:
  23. :thumbsup::supergrin::rofl:
  24. :upeyes: She must have thought your picss were a warrantee on the marriage. I'd have told her the marriage was only warranted for normal use, it wasn't heavy duty.
  25. That is really messed up that your friend did that to you...I would not have the time of day for anybody like that ever again. There is an old saying that comes to mind, but it is probably no appropriate to post in an open forum. :supergrin:
  26. :shocked::wow:

    That is a whole nother' level of STUPID! I really hoped you told them to pound sand, LOL.