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@BreakingNews: Person with a 'long rifle and body armor'

  1. This morning information was received from Cambridge Police that there was a person with a long rifle and body armor in the Main Group Building of MIT. Multiple law enforcement agencies have responded. Stay indoors and shelter in place and report suspicious activity to the campus police dispatch at 617 253 1212 or dial 100 from a campus phone. More updates to follow.

  2. Get your scissors ready!
  3. Probably a guy in a Darth Vader outfit looking for the Star Wars room.
  4. students, get your whistle out and scare off the intruder.....
  5. Or pee yourself...maybe vomit too...
  6. Who'd target geeks? They got freeze rays and "laser beams"!
  7. My understanding all the laser beam weapons were mounted on dolphins. They are not allowed to use freeze rays. Somthing about it messes up myth of global warming. (they have to call it global cooling, or if they forget they just use Climate change....
  8. Anonymous they are pissed about the Aaron Swartz's fiasco.