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Breaking: Reporter & Photographer Shot & Killed During Live Feed

  1. Prayers to their families.
  2. I wonder if the murderer is on camera.
  3. This could be bad news in the gun control fight. News these days is not about what is important - it's about what they have a video of. By tonight, the left will be using this video to scream for gun control.
  4. Foxnews reported they where killed on live TV though most live TV feeds have a delay so it might not have been broadcast to them.
  5. I mean the murderer, so that killer can be identified.
  6. Sorry missed the "er" part of it.
  7. Here is the video - shooter came from behind the cameraman. It doesn't show the people being shot, just the reporter running and the camera hitting the ground.

  8. I've seen reporters (w / cameraman) stupidly march into situations and somehow think they are immune from harm, or retaliation, because they have a microphone in their hand.

    Some of the recent riots come to mind.
  9. Just watched the video. Very sad. Never saw the shooter's face, but it appeared that he walked up behind the camera man and shot him first. Since the camera dropped, I couldn't tell how far the reporter actually made it before getting shot.

    I wonder if it was random, or if the shooter knew one of the victims.
  10. So the guy shot the news team but left the other lady alone?

    Sounds like retaliation.
  11. I assume the woman being interviewed was not shot (was not reported) so might have been something personal against the reporter and / or cameraman.
  12. You can see the first shot, at :05. You can see the blast move through the air to the viewer's left of the reporter.
  13. Pretty messed up, imagine being the people at the station not knowing what's going on. You can see the guys legs after the camera goes down, if I were to bet, probably an ex of the news reporter.
  14. I saw a report that they were doing a fluff piece from a local water park, so they weren't covering a hostage situation or other dangerous event. No real reason to be on guard. Truly tragic.
  15. Wow, I used to live ten miles from there. It's a beautiful area on Smith Mountain Lake.

    It will be interesting to learn the motive. If I was a betting man, I'd go with estranged husband.
  16. This appears to have been a "fluff" interview at a shopping center. Not a dangerous situation.
  17. nothing but gun control news for the next month, as if things would be better if the dude ran over them in a car or used an axe....horrific murder is still murder no matter the procedure used
  18. I would not be surprised to find out he is a husband/ex-husband/ex-boyfriend of the reporter. With no other information, that would be the safest first guess.
  19. Imagine being the woman being interviewed, if she wasn't hurt, all that happening right in front of you, Talk about being an emotional mess the rest of her life.
  20. If it was the reporter and cameraman killed, that means the person being interviewed survived and is hopefully a good witness.

    Since the interview was just a morning happy talk piece, and it obviously wasn't a robbery, I'm gonna toss some wild speculation out there: It's domestic related. Cute reporter just broke up w now enraged ex boyfriend who couldn't handle the restraining order or was about to be served one.

    Just a wild guess.

    Seconds ago: radio report says the cameraman and reporter were engaged.

    Maybe someone couldn't take it. I'm sticking w an ill-tempered ex, with an outside chance of stalker.
  21. :shocked:

    Prayers to all involved.
  22. untitled.png The gunman may have stepped in line with the camera after the videographer went down. This image is circulating on social media. The woman being interviewed will likely say whether or not this is the killer.
  23. ICE-T?
  24. The woman being interviewed was shot in the back and is in surgery currently. Sad story, hope they catch the shooter quickly and find out what led to the attack.
  25. Um....another wild guess...the gun in his hand pretty much confirms he's the killer. Goin out on a limb here...
  26. If she was also shot, then she may have been the intended victim, as well. Opens another "possibly domestic" avenue.
  27. Assuming that the presented photo is even related to the story. This is the internet, after all.
  28. The reporter and cameraman were not involved with each other, but both were dating people they worked with. I'm 99% sure no romance drama has anything to do with this. Looks to me like it's straight-up gangsta ****.

    But it's still early, so who knows.

  29. I think he means whether or not this photo, circulating on social media, is actually from this shooting.
  30. It would be easy to confirm by watching the video.
  31. download (3).jpg
  32. Updating: Fox business news reports the reporter was actually engaged to another anchor at the station, and the cameraman was also just engaged to a producer of the morning show. So both engaged, just not to each other.
  33. View attachment 256951
    Most news agency's are also running that photo... Then again, that doesn't mean much.

  34. That's a good sign. It would be a nice break in a tragic situation.
  35. There is evil everywhere. Always carry.
  36. CBS says the woman who was being interviewed was shot in the back and is in surgery.
  37. Stalker is my guess. Heard she was engaged and went nuts. As much as we on GT want to think we have situational awareness and are ready to protect ourselves there is little you can do if someone walks up and puts in a bullet in the back of your head. Prayers for all those involved. I can not imagine being in the control room and watching it live knowing I could do nothing to help people I cared about.
  38. Report now chase underway on I81 believed to be suspect: Fox business news
  39. I doubt those are pictures of the shooter. The background behind him is not what the camera was showing at the end of the video. It is possible the camera was moved.

  40. BINGO. I only put the photo and statement of others out there. I don't vouch for its authenticity.
  41. Here's hoping the mad dog is dead before noon.
  42. Damnit.
  43. One report says, cameraman turned camera towards his back when he fell or was shot. The camera fell on its side showing the shooter walk past. Just one report, so "don't shoot the messenger".
  44. I was thinking the same thing or...stalker.
  45. They'll probably never capture the guy alive... Like most cowards, he'll probably off himself before they can.

    Chicken ****.
  46. I found another report that says the camera did capture a picture of the shooter, so maybe it moved again after the end of what they broadcast live.
  47. I'm not sure that is relevant in this case. She was going a fluff piece.