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  1. Hi there,

    I am a newbie in every sense of the word. Last week my husband and I bought our first guns. I called a local gun shop and they had 2 new Glocks to sell us. I am the proud owner of a Glock 17 gen 5. I have never fired a gun, or even seen a gun before this. The shop was kind enough to take me to the range and I got to fire my new Glock several times. I am in awe and a bit scared of the power and the responsibility of being a new gun owner. We are going to sign up for classes and spend time on the range. Just wanted to say hi and ask if there was any good advice for first time gun owners. Thanks!
  2. Howdy from western Kansas.

    Taking classes is a very good first step.
  3. Welcome aboard.
    You made a good choice in getting some training. There is a lot to learn!
  4. Welcome. Fear of firearms is healthy but don’t be timid with them. Assertive control is necessary to properly operate a handgun. You are a lady, you have been given the natural ability to push whereas men are innate pullers. Use this push tendency to your advantage when manipulating the slide of your Gen. 5 17 to chamber a round. I have taught my wife to bring the handgun in close and parallel to her tummy while pushing in one direction with the top of the slide and pushing in the other direction with her hand on the pistol grip albeit making sure no one or no animal is in the line of fire.

    You chose well. A full size pistol is an excellent choice on many levels. For starters, the larger pistols have more mass and abate recoil better than the smaller sub-compact models. Aside from this, we live in perilous times and you do need high capacity magazines or as we in the 2A community call them, standard capacity magazines with the mindset being states and municipalities that restrict magazine capacity are an anathema to our God-given right to self-defense as enumerated in our constitution.

    As far has advice, here goes:

    1. Get some sort of safe be it a full blown gun safe or a small $50.00 punch button pistol vault.

    2. Buy a rigid leather or Kydex holster that will cover and protect the trigger. Don’t worry about scuffing the finish of the Glock 17. For starters, it imparts character to the pistol and Glock slides are treated on a molecular level to withstand rust

    3. Find a mentor——someone who has been there and done that ——- i.e. Law Enforcement or Military ——- who can impart real world wisdom on tactics, training and most importantly, safety.

    Again welcome. Look up some YouTube videos on the care and feeding of the Glock 17 from the likes of Hickok45, Military Arms Channel, etc. but again, find a mentor. It’s critical that you do so.
  5. Welcome! You are right to respect the power of the gun and the deadly weapon.

    My wife shoots a Glock 17 as her home defense gun also. She shoots it better and finds the slide easier to work on a full size than her Glock 26 subcompact but she can use both effectively.

    But, if you want something to carry concealed at some point, a smaller, lighter weapon would be something to consider as a next step ... once you get the training you described and become proficient with your full size first gun.

    Hopefully shooting will become an enjoyable hobby. The new skills you learn are perishable and practicing periodically will reinforce/build the skills.
  6. Welcome to aboard! Congratulations on buying on of Glock’s finest pistols. I look forward your comments about your new handgun. You will enjoy the support and guidance from everyone here. :waving:
  7. Congrats! Glad to hear your going to be taking classes.
  8. Hello, from eastern Kansas. That G17 is a heck of a gun. Yes, taking a class is a good idea. Going to a local gun club and getting an orientation to IDPA or some such kind of competition helps also, and doesn't really cost anything.
  9. Welcome to GT :cheers:
  10. Congratulations and welcome, but you shouldda done better choosing a user name.
    You won't always be NewtoGlock17. :D
  11. howdy
  12. Welcome to Glocktalk. I'll assume you may be one of the new to guns crowd that has purchased one for self protection and possibly concealed carry as so many people are now realizing law enforcement is only minutes away when seconds may make the difference between life and serious injury or worse. I would suggest (if I'm allowed) to look into signing up with the USCCA - United States Concealed Carry Association even if you don't yet have a concealed carry permit. They have a huge amount of training scenarios on video, self defense knowledge, lots of great information and a high level of legal protection if you ever are forced to defend yourself or family. Just Google "USCCA" and you'll find their site.
  13. Good for you! You're off to a great start with training and practice. Get to know everything about your gun. If there's a local chapter of A Girl & A Gun Women's Shooting League in your area, you may want to check it out - it's super for beginners, has people of all skill levels, provides training in a very supportive environment and these ladies are very safety conscious.
    Beside the support and perspective they provide, I also think it's important to take classes available locally from competent guys. I've gotten instruction here from a guy associated with CCW USA and other local providers.

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  14. As a new gun owner, safety must be your highest priority. Gun ownership is a daunting responsibility for all of us, but citizens who are new to firearms must undertake a learning curve of great importance. Find a good professional instructor and practice safe handling. Good shooting.
  15. Hello and Welcome. Get the training you mentioned and constantly practice safety with your gun.
  16. Welcome to GT!
  17. Welcome to the world of responsible gun ownership. It's good to always be a little scared of the power and the responsibility. It's when people stop being scared that they get careless and someone gets hurt or killed.

    Learn the 4 basic rules.
    • All guns are always loaded. (Never assume any gun is safe)
    • Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy. (always be aware of where you are pointing your gun)
    • (Always) Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
    • Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.
  18. Welcome aboard! As others have noted, respect for your firearm is a good thing. Guns don't go off by themselves, but disasters can and do happen if they are handled carelessly.

    Learn the 4 rules and practice them. When someone gets shot accidentally or negligently, at least one of the 4 rules has been broken.

    Become familiar with your gun. Somewhere on this site, there's an excellent animation (linked from YouTube) of how a Glock works. Watch it a few times. After a few range trips, clean your gun. Some folks will tell you to clean it after every range trip. Nothing wrong with that, but I don't generally do so. (Obviously, be absolutely sure it's unloaded before you pull that trigger for disassembly.) You'll develop some confidence as you learn more about your gun.
  19. Hi, my name is Dale, and I'm a gun owner too...

    First, thank you for buying your first gun, sincerely. Most people, including most gun owners, don't actually realize the significance of what they've done when they buy their first firearm. I know I didn't, but as I've grown older and listened to people much smarter than I am, I learned about the significance of what being a gun owner actually means.

    You just took the very first step in becoming free. You no longer have to depend on another person for your own safety and whether you realize it yet or not, you just became another check in the system of checks and balances our government depends on to keep tyranny at bay. You may think that's hyperbolic, but I promise, it's not.

    Also understand that from this very moment onward, when a politician talks about gun control, they're not talking about the other guy anymore, they're talking about you. Yes, you. You and your gun have hurt no one, yet there are many politicians that loathe what you've just done and they wish to disarm you. Remember that when you step into the voting booth. The 2nd Amendment now applies to you, so please vote as if it does.

    Again, thank you for buying your first gun. If you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to send me a message. I would love to answer them and help you out.
  20. Welcome to GT! You're on the right path, continue and change your fear to confidence and stay safe doing so. When the 17 is loaded keep it holstered unless you intend to shoot.
  21. Welcome to GT
  22. Good info here. I agree with a good holster. I would go a step further and recommend getting a good belt.
  23. Welcome to GT, and congrats on the new Glock 17. You made a great choice.....enjoy it and be safe.

    I can't add any advice that's hasn't been already been covered/suggested.

    @NewtoGlock17.....what gun did your husband buy?

    Oh, and don't be afraid to ask questions.....at some point we all started with our first gun.
  24. What’s up from west Tennessee!! Definitely get signed up for some classes l, and always remember treat it as if was loaded,even with the slide locked back and the magazine out... complacency is never a good thing when it comes to firearms. Congratulations on your purchase!! We’re all here to help, and no question is dumb, especially when it comes to new gun owners.
  25. Hello from East ky good on you for wanting to get Training and understanding the gravity of the decision you have made. I always recommend women not listen to the gun shops and get a full size handgun so you are already good in my book. Hopefully you have the coin to invest in a thousand rounds for each pistol to get them broken in and ready to go. That sounds like alot but I promise that pistol will fire it without a second thought. Run that many through each don't get frustrated handguns are hard to train with until you get used to it. You will suck at first but you will get better as time goes on. Also find a good YouTube to watch and learn from.
  26. Hi there,

    Thanks for the great advice! I am very excited to learn more about the mechanics of the gun, and of course, be able to shoot it again! I am planning on taking the basic course and then I will probably take the concealed weapon class to get the permit. I do think I had a good experience at the gun shop. The gentleman working with me took me to an office and showed me all the features and explained how the gun worked and showed me how to load it beforehand. He explained what you were talking about with the pulling motion. Then he took me to the range and guided me through the process of loading and firing. We do have a small safe which we will use for now. As for the holster, I think your advice makes the most sense, if I decide to carry. I just don't see myself carrying until I have a few classes and lots of range time under my belt. As for a mentor, I do not know any other gun owners except 3 police officers who attend the same gym. When I see them next, I will be asking questions and getting information from them. Thank you again!

  27. Hi there,

    We have both a Glock 17 and 19. Not sure yet if I plan on carrying. Once I feel a level of comfort with the guns, then I will decide. But I hear what you are saying. I keep seeing people talk about how the 17 is a bit on the big side to carry. The 19 would be better for that. I do plan on shooting regularly to keep skills up, once I actually acquire some shooting skills! LOL Thanks for the advice!

  28. HAHAHA Pretty lame, huh? It was late and I wasn't too creative. But I got a good laugh out of your comment. Thanks!!

  29. Hi there, Thank you for the great advice. I will certainly do so! That sounds exactly like what I need to do. And yes, we decided the world is getting too crazy for us to not be armed. I never thought it was necessary to own a gun before 2020, because we were always so removed from any type of gun violence, living in a safe suburban home, however, anything can happen to anyone at anytime and it is naive to think otherwise. All of this political unrest is scary!
  30. Hi, Thank you for the great suggestion. That sounds like a great place to start. Not sure if they have a shooting league in my area, but I will surely check it out. I would like to learn as much as I can and be as responsible as I can be with my gun. Our local gun club as competent guys as well, but I like the idea of meeting women in my same situation.
  31. Oh yes! This is so true! I kept telling the gentleman that was showing me how to shoot that the power scared the hell out of me. He said it's not scary, it's exciting. LOL He also said the gun doesn't control you, you control the gun. It's not going to shoot unless you pull the trigger, you control that. He kept stressing that when you pick the gun up you always keep your finger straight and not near the trigger. That advice really stuck with me as the most important take away. Safety is the most important factor in gun ownership! Thanks for you advice.
  32. Funny you should ask! The plan was for me to have the compact gun (19) and him to have the bigger (17). But since I was so worried that they would sell the guns before I could get to the shop, I forgot to clarify which was which and made the error of assuming a 19 is bigger than a 17. Natural assumption, right? So I got to the shop first and said I will take the 17. My husband was not able to go to the shop till later in the day and they agreed to hold the 19 for him. Imagine his surprise when he got there and was left with the 19! :D It was an honest mistake on my part but he thinks I was just greedy and trying to grab the bigger gun for myself. So now we are looking into the logistics of switching. Stay tuned. LOL And thanks for the invitation to ask questions. I will for sure be doing that!
  33. Welcome to the forum and to the lifestyle.

    I don’t know what state you are in, but in most states you and your husband can just switch.
  34. ***MAKE SURE*** you vote Trump and Republican in November. If the ***extreme*** Democrat Party gets control and has their way, they want to ban ****ALL*** firearms, no online sales of ammo, huge tax on ammo, no more hi-cap mags, gun registration which **will lead** to gun confiscation, and you become an instant felon looking at jail time and huge fines if you don't comply. It could not be more clear about who to vote for as President on Nov. 3rd.

    VOTE Trump and Republican on November 3rd, as the **good** future of our great Country is at stake .
  35. That will depend on your location. In some states, it might require an FFL. In others, all you have to do is trade right there at home.
  36. Hi there, Great advice! I think I will always be a little scared and in awe. The sonic boom and the power of the recoil in my hands will be something I will never ever forget. It is easy to get desensitized to TV with people shooting each other, but it is a very different thing to have the gun in your power and your hands and to feel that power and hear that boom! I will keep those 4 important rules in mind every time I handle my gun. Thanks
  37. Hello and welcome!

    Great advice above so I won't belabor it all. Read @Borg Warner again. And again.

    It's kind of a tough time right now due to the covid19 and election causing an ammo panic. Them bullets are a bit hard to come by. But in addition to your new handgun acquisitions, I would suggest you consider buying a basic .22lr rifle as well. A Ruger American Rimfire would be perfect. Low cost, good quality. And if you do, put more effort into getting accurate with the rifle at first. A long gun is easier to learn fundamentals with, and safety comes a little easier too. A .22lr is easier to shoot accurately for beginners, because less recoil. (You won't be as frustrated. A 9mm handgun is not the most difficult firearm to shoot well, but it isn't the easiest place to start either.) And, it's much easier to be always mindful of where the muzzle end is pointing with a long gun.
  38. I wouldn't worry about it. Just switch them lol. As long as you guys have the same address there should be no issue
  39. I have to say I was terrified to go to the gun range. While I wasn't second guessing my decision to purchase the gun, I was realizing the weight of the responsibility of owning one. It not only has to do with my own safety, but the safety of others around me. But after getting a lot of good safety information and learning how the gun works and experiencing shooting it several times, while the fear is still there, I did enjoy seeing how close I could get to the bullseye! I also purchased some oil cleaning conditioning stuff and plan to take my gun apart and clean it. Thanks for the great advice!
  40. Always know that your gun CAN and WILL fire without the magazine in it. Many people think if you remove the magazine that a gun is safe. IT IS NOT.

    Learn and follow the 4 safety rules. If you violate one of them (though you do not want to), chances are things will be okay. If you violate more than one of them, someone will get hurt.
  41. Welcome NEW gun owners! Be sure to support your local clubs, become members, join a second amendment foundation that protects YOUR gun rights. And make sure you only VOTE for who supports your gun rights!

    Everybody has listed plenty of good information for you in here, all i can add, is ALWAYS REMEMBER, once that bullet leaves the barrel, you can`t put it back. Just be safe, and enjoy whats left of our freedoms to own firearms. Owning firearms is ALOT of fun. They aren`t just made for self defense. Now go have some fun and enjoy. Glad you joined us all here!
  42. I admire your attitude. The club here arranges some great training with experts and the supportive, welcoming atmosphere is nice. I think as more women shoot, we're in less of a fishbowl. I'm also always on the lookout for other sources of training. I like to get different perspectives.

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  43. If you don't have to do any state paperwork to do a switch, you are allowed to exchange the guns to each other as a gift. The 4473 even gives an example of such a situation.
  44. Congratulations and welcome to the club! Enjoy your training and range time(s)- it's a lifelong investment! Fully relish your 2A rights in good health!
  45. Thank you! Yes I am scared of it even when it is not loaded. LOL I will be asking lots of questions don't worry!
  46. I am in Michigan.
  47. No worries there! I am a huge Trump fan. LOL I wasn't going to discuss politics, but it does relate to gun ownership. Are there any democrats on here? Guess there could be, but even they must be pretty disgusted with what the democratic party has evolved into. I must say I enjoyed going into the gun shop and seeing the Trump signs and the Trump hats there! LOL
  48. Yes I plan to do all of the above! I will be voting for Trump for sure! Safety and our rights are two very important things! Thanks for having me! I am already feeling at home here. Trump 2020
  49. Thank you! I plan on learning as much as I can. I love a new challenge/learning experience and since I know absolutely nothing, there's no where to go but up. lol Looking forward to meeting some women who shoot as well as getting my practice time in and feeling like I have developed a basic level of mastery.