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Ok guys...this is for Brand new still sealed Magpul PMAG 30 round magazines. These are the non-window type and they are the new "M" revision mags. These were purchased right from Magpul this month (May 2009).

$18 each and $5 shipping on any size order. If you order 1 magazine the total is $23. If you order 50 magazines the total would be $905.

I have 50 magazines in stock and ready to ship. I will ship these mags the same day or next day depending on what time of day I receive the order. (No shipping on Sundays of course). All mags will come from zip code 40242.

I take paypal for payment. Please contact me through this thread or PM to make arrangments.

First come first served. Since I only have 50 mags they will go to the first people that respond to this ad or PM's.

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