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Brand new Glock 19 Gen3

  1. PalmettoStateArmory

    Brand new Glock 19 Gen3 at $399

    seems like a good price to me.

  2. Congrats
  3. Great find. Congrats.
  4. $399 for a Glock 19 is a steal...
  5. In my opinion the best G19 made.
  6. Thats a blue label price!
  7. Deal still up (till tomorrow night).
    They also have new G26s at $399.
  8. upload_2019-11-20_18-1-9.jpeg

    Guess I better clarify. Already have a Gen3. Posted so you in the studio audience could pick one up at $399

    get them before they are gone
  9. Of course this happens just after I decide to purchase a G19 Gen 3 (my first Glock) from from a distributor out west for $470. Oh well... Sub $500 seemed pretty good a couple weeks ago.

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  10. Please share a portion of the serial number.
  11. Congrats on the G19.

    My favorite Glock
  12. Yep .. Down in my back .. Car broke down ... It's Christmas time .. and my 9yo Granddaughter does not have a Gen 3 26 on her Christmas list !!!!

    Of all times to be broke !!!
    ( Car , Back & bank account)
  13. Still the Glock that feels the best in my hand.

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  14. That's a blue label price for sure.
  15. I just ordered one last night. I like the Gen 3’s best. It was a great price, but PSA and other out of state sellers are charging sales tax. IDK what changed recently. I’m still very happy with my purchase.

    Frank in Phoenix
  16. IIRC, there was a supreme court ruling last year on collecting sales tax on online purchases.

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  17. The most used, longest in service and vetted generation of all Glocks

    Makes the LEO trade ins less tempting at that price
  18. Nice deal. Congrats.
  19. Purple Label pricing no MAP. I picked one up as well, came with two 15rd Gen4 magazines.

    I added orange Ameriglo Hackaford sights and 3.5 connector. Just completed a cleaning and the 25¢ trigger job.

    Range day on Sunday.