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On Wednesday, I got my brand new G-17. The FFL guy who processed my paperwork wanted to show me how to take it apart for cleaning, and had problems reassembling. He managed to put it back together after some fumbling around, but honestly told me he had no idea what he did. He himself had a G-19 which he took apart to compare the insides, and it looked identical.

I had the same problem after taking it back home. After online investigating & much help from others I found what I had to do to put it back together. Now I am trying to understand why, and is it something that needs to be fixed, or will go away on its own.

Basically, in order to re-assemble the gun, I have to depress the safety pin (red circle) and manually push the striker (blue circle) by about 3/16" to 1/4" or so towards the front of the barrel. If I do that, the gun reassembles easily. If not, the striker hits something on the way and the slide stops about 3/16" short.

I am making sure that the trigger is completely depressed when I try to assemble.

Any ideas / suggestions will be greatly appreciated !

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