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Brand new forum (vB, phpBB, IPB) Button Set

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by gmarik, Feb 23, 2003.

  1. gmarik


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    Jan 25, 2003
    The crisp details in these preview pictures are turned off,
    so nobody had the idea to copy or reuse modified.
    The original psd files, which come with the full set,
    with the help of the included action (.atn) file produce
    crisp & sharp details, which can be used on not only white,
    but whatever bacground color you would want to.

    50 style samples (160 kb .zip)

    Availible styles: B1 Yellow En, B2 Ashes En, B3 Leopard En, B4 Blue Waves En, B5 Oak En, B6 Orchidee En, B7 Rain En, B8 Jungle En, B9 Giraffe En, B10 Grey Orange En, B11 Grey Green En, B12 Gold Black En, B13 Gold Funky En, B14 Gold Bank En, B15 Gold Cosmo En, B16 Candy En, B17 Walnut En, B35 Gumi En, B18 Glass En,B19 Black En, B20 Water En, B21 Mint En, B22 iMac Blue En, B23 Grapefruit En, B24 iMac Green En, B25 Bronze En, B26 Frog En, B27 Purple En, B28 Red Sea En, B28 Spagetti En, B29 Chocolate En, B30 Elements Fire En
    B31 Pink En, B32 Pill En, B33 Snow En, B34 Metalic En, B36 Plastic En, B37 Ambient En, B38 Chili En, B39 Temptation En, B40 Rocker En, B41 Ghost En, B42 Lemon En, B43 Nile En, B44 Steel En, B45 Night En, B46 Bulletproof En, B47 Blueprint En, B48 Moose En, B49 Morning En, B50 Default En

    8 Button Sets, top buttons (790 kb .zip)

    ..:: Marco Elegant Button Set (c) ::..
    24/02/2003 Moscow

    ICQ: 159599584