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I dunno if this is the right area for this but.....

So apparantley a taser is absolutely prohibited in WI:crazy:. Well I wish I had checked up on this before I bought one on Saturday morning. Well I guess I may as well offer it up for grabs here.
It is the Taser C2, black in color, laser and flashlight built in. It has never been used and comes with all the good stuff that they come with, i.e. manuals warranty cards, registration cards, training DVD and one cartridge. This taser has been activated.
I would prefer to do this deal FTF in the twin cities area.
BTT, I had to change the price on this, $340 is too much, it is now for sale for $300
to be a little more definite on the trades, i would happily trade for something along the lines of a
Used Kahr cw9
nice 22lr pistol
any used 9mm glock (i know, thats kind of a long shot)
snubby revolver (i am really beginning to develop a love affair with these things)
Ruger's little copy pistol
keltec pf9
used remmy 870 or similar (prefreably nothing longer than a 18.5 barrel
used savage rifles in 270 win or 300win mag
O.k. thats about it, I am still open to other offers so by all means throw everything my way, I might just like the offer and say yes
Thanks again everybody
If you want me to ship this unit to you, that will be on your dime but heads up, it will probably be cheaper to buy one in your own neck of the woods than have me ship it out to you. I have now found out exactly where they are prohibited and will not ship to those areas.

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