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Boycott Outdoor Life

  1. Or kiss your AR-15 goodbye

    [quote author=funfaler link=topic=2512.msg19846#msg19846 date=1171810860]
    I was lead to this site/link at another forum.* It is a blazon assault on the Second Amendment and a gross display of ignorance by a "Sports Writer".*

    Not sure what can or needs to be done, just thought I would share it with you all.* When the different groups of gun owners see the others as "not needed" they will all go away.* Sad, just Sad.

    http://outdoorlife.blogs.com/zumbo/2007/02/assault_rifles_.html* * *Be forewarned, there is some 'adult' language used at this link, please read accordingly.

    I just read where the CEO of Remington has come out against what this writer has put out, affirmed their dedication to the Second Amendment and said that Remington is "reviewing" their relationship with those involved* I just wanted to let everyone know, so they can redirect their fire toward Outdoor Life and the writer directly.
  2. What an asshat....
  3. IBTJ :banana: :banana: :banana: :tongueout:
  4. I'm not going to boycott Outdoor Life.

    I don't read it every month, but among the outdoors/hunting magazines, they've been solidly pro-RKBA every time I've bought an issue or read one while I was waiting to get my vehicle serviced.

    Zumbo has initiated the end of his career. He is an arrogant, ignorant elitist who is not alone among "sportsmen" who have bought into the myth of "good guns" vs. "bad guns." They're the dupes who have fallen for the antis "divide and conquer" campaign that has been underway for decades.

    Zumbo assumed he was safe in expressing such ignorance and learned otherwise. He's experiencing the consequences of his irresponsible expression of ignorance. Boycotting Outdoor Life isn't going to make much difference in that regard in my opinion.

    If you want to boycott an outdoors magazine that does little support your RKBA and often does much to undermine it, start with Field & Stream. I no longer even look at their covers in the store after some of the appalling things I've read in past issues. The letters from readers in conjunction with the editor's responses are a good indication of their mindset.
  5. The CEO (of Remington) has stated publicly that he severing all ties with Zumbo

    Some other sponsors have already posted notices on their home websites stating they do not sopport Zumbo.

    I have not heard if Outdoor Life is doing anything yet.
  6. His blog is pulled down now I noticed. Yay for Outdoor Life, though I really wish they would outright fire him.
  7. This is a very articulate compilation of blogs and articles or call it a rollup. His career in hunting and firearms with any sway in a public forum is solidly over.