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Bought a S&W Model 28

  1. Been wanting an N frame 357 for a while.

    Pretty pleased with this one.

  2. Looks great

    Congrats! :cool:

    Got to find some grips for it...
  3. Nice
  4. Good choice. It's hard to beat a 4" N-frame.
  5. I have none. Would be nice to own.
  6. I was thinking of buying some wood grips, but those were pretty comfy when I shot it.
  7. I'm one who sort of likes the looks of a Pachmayr grips. They look like "serious business." No, they don't look as good as a nice set of wood grips, but it's hard to beat them for shooting.
  8. You can't beat the grips you have on it for function and comfort. If it's a shooter and, I gather it is, keep the Pachmayrs.

    A couple of things about the 28. The cylinder is massive. Keep rapid fire/DA work to a minimum. Smiths have an issue with "cylinder stop notch peening" where the cylinder stop would batter the cylinder stop notch and enlarge the notch to where it affects the timing. The fix is for a gunsmith to install an oversized cylinder stop.

    Here's a little discussion about the phenomenon.


    I assume you did the "revolver checkup" that's stickied on many forums so it's (cylinder stop notch peening) isn't a problem yet.

    I don't do DA rapid fire shooting on my older Smiths, personally.
  9. That is good info. A little disappointing. I love rapid DA fire. Don't want to tear anything up, so thanks.

    Bought it online, but checked it out during the 'return period'. A few scratches in the blue. The cylinder is tight. When I cock it, cylinder moves less than my 19 or 686.
  10. Congrats.

    I’ve been seeing a lot of M28s being offered for sales at gun shows lately.
  11. I saw, and almost bought, one at a gun show this summer.

    Pushed me into looking more.
  12. I still have my former duty revolver a S&W 15-2 from 1965. DA is the proper way to shoot a revolver. The N Frame four inch revolvers are my favorite. :cop:
  13. It is a beauty. With the Pachmyr grips I would guess it could have been a personally owned police revolver. Thank you for sharing. :cop:
  14. The N frames are much more durable than the K frames, even older ones.
  15. The 'N' frame cylinder is notorious for mass. That mass gets moving and over time can mess up the timing.

    But, "some" rapid fire DA work won't likely hurt it.

    Again, it's a well known problem among people who know Smith and Wesson revolvers. As my earlier link attests.

    The 'K' frame isn't as bad. The 'K' frame Smith is a significantly smaller cylinder. But it's had its own unique problems. Cracked forcing cones, for example.
  16. Congrats. For comfortably shooting hot 357s, I don’t think there is a better value for the dollar than a highway patrolman.
  17. Thanks. It looked so nice I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    So far, no issues.
  18. That’s a beaut! Any man should be glad to have her.
  19. Comfy, but they ruin the looks of the gun. What you need is a set of S&W N Square 'Coke Bottle' Target American Walnut Checkered with Bronze Medallions from Altamont grips. they cost 80 bucks but they add value to the gun and give it a lot more class than rubber grips. The "Coke Bottle" grips have a little swell in the middle and are very comfortable and the 357 in the N-frame doesn't have anywhere near as much recoil as a 41 or a 44 mag.


  20. No, those grips add no value to his gun. They are clearly aftermarket and collectors eschew such. Cokes look much, much different. If OP wanted wood grips he should look for period correct service grips, the type that came on the budget 28.

  21. For now, the pachmayrs are staying. I am going to shoot and enjoy this gun. I may get some wooden grips at some point. My brother has some wooden grips on his 586 and it is not uncomfortable to shoot. Not sure what brand they are. The look like pachmayr presentation grips but in wood.

    I suspect that the resale value of this 28 is only going to be a concern for my future heirs.
  22. For my M28s that are shooters I put a set of Hogue rubber grips on. They're not pretty but are effective, especially for DA shooting, and cheap.
  23. the larger Target grips for one of these guns is a compromise. While not "original". they improve the looks 100 percent over a set of rubber grips and if you ever had to sell the gun to a shooter rather than a collector the gun would still be worth more than with Pachmayrs. And even to a collector the repro wood grips would not evoke the same immediate gag reflex as a set of Pachmayrs

    The target grips are not original to the gun but they are much more comfortable than the skinny service grips unless you use a Tyler T-grip adaptor which is also not strictly original to the gun though the t-grip adaptor is "Period correct". The Altamont grips are accurate reproductions and include the brass Smith and Wesson emblem.

    I have a 6 inch model 28 made in 1972. It came with a set of Hogues which was why I was able to get it for a good price in addition to the fact that the gun had some finish wear. Then I lucked out and found a set of Smith and Wesson N-frame target grips for only 30 bucks. I know that those grips are not original to the gun and neither are they period correct but the gun is a shooter and not a collector's item.
  24. The Grippers on your M28 are just fine. They will soak up any recoil from the heaviest 357 Magnum load.
  25. Work horse of a revolver. But Nemesis is correct, excessive DA can cause probs w/ the cylinder and bolt notch. If it needs fixed, not many revolver people left at S&W anymore. I know because I contacted them about upgrading an early M66 cylinder yoke(the early 66's could choke up and refuse to work from too much carbon on the cylinder yoke, S&W redesigned it, and offered an ungrade. Of course, it has been many years ago, too.), and no one knew anything about it. S&W considers the original 66 an obsolete revolver. Sad, as the 66 was/is still a very good revolver, IMHO.
  26. Nice looking,congrats!