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bought a glock 23 from cdnn

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i bought my g23 from cdnn for 392.00 shipped , they said it was in excellent to like new condition, and it was 369.00 b4 shipping, its a gen 2, i was wondering if any1 knows if hese are rebuilt or police trades, basically anything about cdnn,s guns, i am hoping its a police trade in that has been sent to be rebuilt by glock, for the updated barrel and whatnots.i was planning on getting that steyr m9a1, but i have an affinity for glock products and also plan on making this a .40/9mm gun, with .40 being for carry and 9mm for plinking. i just want to know if any of u that have orderd these excellent to like new g23s have been happy with your purchase. please all feed back welcomed.