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Bored Guys during Quarantine

  2. That is boredom right there!!!
  3. A guy on another forum was talking about staying down in his basement with his four dogs during all this. He thinks he might be taking the isolation thing too far.

    He just realized that he's been sleeping on the floor and eating out of a bowl.
  4. If he's started wearing a flea collar then yup, he's lost.
  5. It's even worse with no sound
  6. My wife just gave me a "buzz cut" -- I went from looking like William Wallace (aka Mel Gibson) in Braveheart to this -- actual, unretouched pic shown below: :D

    curly 7.gif
  7. And I definitely don't wanna be there if he starts licking his butt.
  8. It rhymes with hornpub...your welcome.
  9. Shot me a gopher.
  10. Did you know you can get it on a smart tv?