Boozing Bear

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    The bear ripped through a Summit Lake campsite, eating two campers' food and three beers.

    Story by The Associated Press

    It sounds like something you'd see in a commercial. Two brothers camping at Summit Lake near Richwood last Friday had to cut their trip short after a black bear ate their food and guzzled their beer.

    Dunbar resident Larry Gaynor said the bear dragged the cooler about 30 yards into the woods and flung it against a tree, scattering a case of Coors Light. The bear drank three cans.

    Gaynor said it's a good thing the beer wasn't Budweiser or the bear would have downed all of them.

    Because the bear ate all their food, Gaynor and his brother, Billy Bob Gaynor of Athens, Ohio, returned to Dunbar the next day.