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I have the following books for sale:


In the gravest Extreme - Massad Ayoob $5

Backwoods Home Emergency Preparedness and Survival Guide $3

Lucifer's Hammer $3

You Are Being Lied To $15

About Face - Hackworth $5

Feilding's Dangerous Places 5th Edition $5

From My Cold Dead Fingers (autographed by Sheriff Mack - great if your name happens to be Chris) $5

SAS Navigation and Trackign Handbook $5

NRA Guide to Basics of Personal Protection in the Home $5

Falcon Guides: all for $20
Knots for Climbers
Advanced Rock Climbing
Climbing Anchors
More Climbing Anchors


WHy Government Doesn't Work - Harry Browne $5

Kill or Get Killed - Applegate $10

Shipping cost varies, either media mail, first class, or priority mail.

Email me if interested.

Running Man
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What is the publish date on the NRA Guide? Thanks


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Will take:
In Gravest Extreme
Kill or Get Killed
Dangerous Places
From My Cold Dead Fingers

PM sent
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