Book: The Last Word on Power.

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    If you're in business, a manager, a CEO, an ambitious salesperson and you are out to accomplish something that looks impossible, then I recommend,The Last Word on Power by Tracy Goss. This book will confront most people's notions of how things work. If it does, try it on anyway. If you can't, then ignore it. It ain't for you.

    One reviewer said,

    The notion is that the CEO (or you in your business) must create a new empowering paradigm to come from instead of what's given by everyday notions from one's past. Breakthrough paradigms create breakthrough actions which create breakthrough resultw. Just working on the actions without looking at the context will give more of what you have already, just different. Not a leap forward.

    We use similar concepts to work with CEO's and other leaders in our consulting business. (I have several other interests besides Tucker Gunleather.)