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Book of Two Guns - Tiger McKee - Excellent read!

Discussion in 'The Book Rack' started by pangris, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. pangris

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    May 19, 2002
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    I met Tiger McKee when he was an instructor at Thunder Ranch and have since trained with him at his academy. I became aware of this book on his website when setting a class for my wife and purchased a copy.

    This book is an exceptional distillation of the major schools, trainers, and modern thoughts on self defense with firearms. It is explained it was originally his personal journal and Clint Smith suggested he publish it. The book is filled with excellent illustrations and summaries of training philosophy from all the “big name” people – Smith, Cooper, Gonzales, Jordan, Good, Suarez, Clausewitz, etc, etc etc. There is also a bit of Asian philosophy thrown in. After getting less then halfway through I decided to buy another copy since I was highlighting, taking notes in the border, etc etc. That is the highest compliment I can pay a manual of any sort.

    I think it will serve those who have had professional training exceptionally well as you should be able to examine a lot of theory and philosophy from trainers you may not have been able to work with (yet). If you have an idea of how to use the weapons, then a lot of the content is easily understood.

    If you HAVEN’T had a bit of training, I think the book could open your eyes as to what you can learn. No book or video can substitute for actual range time, but it can help you to realize the range of knowledge out there.

    The format of the book is VERY unique. It is hand written an illustrated. The hand illustrations are very good. Everything is easy to read, and it leads to a basic explanation of how I think of the book –

    Imagine there was a huge manual of everything you needed to know about rifles and pistols – a thousand page type deal, fine print, bible like book. Then imagine if someone who really knew and understood the material took notes… lot of notes… and came up with 172 pages of the most important aspects. Of all the books I’ve seen on training, it covers the most ground CLEARLY and CONCISELY.

    The book is a very, very valuable asset. I bought a second copy because the first copy has a rough life – highlighting, note taking, traveling with me, riding in a range bag.

    There is a heavy Smith/Cooper influence, which I happen to agree with. There are a lot of other views represented as well but a lot of the material agrees with the dogma of TR.

    The basic areas addressed for both the 1911 and AR-15 -

    Weapon configuration
    Weapon presentation
    Weapon transitions
    Reloads – various types for various situations
    Sight Picture
    Trigger control
    Concealed carry – pistol, how to minimize the presence of a rifle
    Weapon retention
    Tactical movement
    “blind” operation – physical cues on how to handle your weapon without looking at it
    Weapon strikes
    Firing positions –prone, kneeling, etc
    Cover, concealment – how to use, fire from, find better, etc
    Building clearing and manuevers
    One handed manipulation
    Flashlight technique
    Fighting out of a vehicle
    !!! Mindset !!!

    There are a LOT of techniques discussed that are NOT specific to the AR and 1911, just the rifle and pistol in general.

    Overall I can’t suggest the book highly enough. It is available from Tiger directly at or

    A few pics -


    My two copies...


    Example of handwritten text



    Examples of illustrations
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    Nov 14, 2001
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    Thanks for sharing this, pangris. I just became aware of Tiger McKee from an article in a recent gun annual. The book looks mighty interesting to say the least. That's why I already emailed him asking for further details.

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    Apr 28, 2003
    I have one of the signed hard back copies, #23 of 50. This is a great book from a great trainer. Some talk training but there are very few that can do more than just talk. Tiger is one of the few that I have met and been able to train with that knows what he is doing. I always have an open mind and willing to learn as much as possible, if your the same, this book is for you. A must read!